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Horizontal well hydraulic directional spraying gun

The invention relates to the technical field of oil and gas well production increase and fracturing operation, in particular to a horizontal well hydraulic directional spraying gun. The horizontal well hydraulic directional spraying gun comprises a directional split tooth cylinder, an enveloping line sleeve, a directional steel ball, thrust bearings and nozzles. The directional split tooth cylinder and an upper connector form an annular space, a reset spring is arranged in the annular space, the right end of the upper connector is connected with an upper housing, the enveloping line sleeve issleeved with the interior of the upper housing, a central rod penetrates through the interior of the enveloping line sleeve to be connected to an internal thread at the right end of the directional split tooth cylinder, and a closed space is defined by the upper housing, the directional split cylinder and the enveloping line sleeve; the directional steel ball is placed in the closed space, the right end of the upper housing is in threaded connection with a connecting sleeve, the thrust bearings are symmetrically disposed at both ends of the connecting sleeve, and the right end of the enveloping line sleeve is connected with a spraying gun casing. Forced orientation of the spraying gun casing can be achieved by a hydraulic driving mode, the orientation success rate is high, tools can be reused after maintenance and protection, and the cost is low.

Ventilation device

The invention discloses a ventilation device, which aims to solve the problem that the conventional ventilation device does not have an air adjusting function. The device comprises a pedestal, a high-speed air blower and an annular ejector, wherein the high-speed air blower is arranged at the bottom of the pedestal; the annular ejector is arranged at an air outlet of the high-speed air blower and is fixed on the pedestal; and the air inlet or the air outlet of the high-speed air blower is provided with a vapor generator which is fixed on the pedestal for producing water vapor. In the ventilation device, the water vapor is produced through the vapor generator and is ejected through an atomization nozzle at a high speed to produce fog of smaller granularity, so that a hot air flow can more easily absorb the latent heat of vaporization, and the ventilation device has a humidification effect and a heat absorption and temperature reduction effect on a large amount of hot air sucked by the annular nozzle, and brings comfortable cool air similar to air on the shore of a lake or a sea to the surrounding environment. In the ventilation device, an external circulating device is not required to be mounted, so the cost is low; the space is not required to be closed, so that air convection is guaranteed; and the ventilation device is more energy-saving in the same temperature reduction range compared with a fan and an air conditioner, and can be used conveniently and safely.
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ILS sensors for drug detection within vehicles

InactiveUS6067167AExtend drug detectionColor/spectral properties measurementsOn boardSpectroscopy
On-board ILS sensors for detecting illegal drugs and based on intracavity laser spectroscopy (ILS) are provided for detecting the presence of drugs and their metabolized by-product vapors in an enclosed space, such as a vehicle. The sensor comprises: (a) a laser comprising a gain medium having two opposed facets within a laser resonator and functioning as an intracavity spectroscopic device having a first end and a second end, the first end operatively associated with a partially reflecting (i.e., partially transmitting) surface; (b) a reflective or dispersive optical element (e.g., a mirror or a diffraction grating) operatively associated with the second end to define a broadband wavelength laser resonator between the optical element and the first end and to thereby define an external cavity region between at least one facet of the gain medium and either the first end or the second end or both ends; (c) the external cavity region being exposed to air in the enclosed space to enable any drugs or their metabolized by-product molecules to enter thereinto; (d) a detector spaced from the first end; (e) appropriate electronics for measuring and analyzing the detector signal; (f) a housing for containing at least the laser, the partially reflecting surface, and the optical element, the housing being configured to prevent escape of stray radiation into the enclosed space and to permit air from the enclosed space to continuously circulate through the external cavity region for analysis; and (g) means for driving the laser (e.g., electrical or optical). A method is provided for measuring concentration of drug vapors and their metabolized by-product vapors in the vehicle or other enclosed space employing the on-board sensor. The method comprises: (1) sensing any drugs and their metabolized by-product vapors in the enclosed space by the on-board sensor; and (2) providing a signal indicative of presence of any drugs or metabolized vapors.

Shroud ring external fluid infusion hydraulic pressure expanding and reinforcing process for turbine generator

The invention relates to a process for strengthening the bulging of external fluid replenishing hydraulic of a protective ring of a turbine generator, which is applied to the turbine generator field. High-pressure liquid produced by an external high-pressure pump passes through a passage of a high-pressure cylinder and is injected into a closed space formed by a upper fixed cone mould, a lower movable cone mould and the protective ring by a passage in a force-reduction column of a mould part in order that the protective ring generates plastic deformation under the action of hydraulic pressure, thereby achieving the aim of strengthening the protective ring; through adjusting low pressure of liquid in a low-pressure cylinder, the stress size of a contact part between the protective ring and the mould is adjusted so as to achieve the aim of sealing and adjusting the shape and the size of the protective ring; and a displacement sensor is used to monitor the bulging size of the protective ring. The process no longer occupies large-scale hydraulic press equipment, uses a load-bearing frame with a simple structure and small dimension and an external liquid replenishing cylinder to replace a hydraulic press for strengthening the protective ring; the bulging process can substantially reduce force, is easy to control the forming process, can repeatedly bulge, greatly improve the forming precision of the protective ring and reduce the machining allowance by 1/3 than the routine common hydraulic bulging; and the mould has a simple structure, convenient mounting and detachment, strong universality and low production cost and can achieve higher economical benefit.

Heat pump drying system for drying clothes by using roller and control method of heat pump drying system

The invention discloses a heat pump drying system for drying clothes by using a roller and a control method of the heat pump drying system. The system comprises a heat pump system for drying the clothes, and an air inlet and an air outlet which are communicated with the roller for accommodating the clothes respectively, wherein the heat pump system comprises a compressor, a condenser, a throttling device and an evaporator which are connected with one another in turn through a refrigerant circulating pipeline to form a circulating system; the heat pump system, the air inlet and the air outlet are integrated through an upper cover plate and a lower cover plate; an air deflector, the evaporator, the condenser and an air supply fan are arranged between the air inlet and the air outlet in turn to form an air circuit; the compressor is sealed in closed space by the upper cover plate and the lower cover plate; and the air supply fan is a direct-current fan with a controllable rotating speed, and the rotating speeds at different drying stages are correspondingly controlled to reduce the load of the compressor. The heat pump drying system has the characteristics of saving energy and shortening drying time.
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