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Surgical recovery brassiere

The present invention, in the preferred embodiment, is a surgery recovery brassiere which resolves many of the problems faced by women who have undergone breast surgery and particularly, mastectomy. The present invention comprises front panels, prosthesis panels, rear panels, torso band, straps, drain tube apertures and fluid collection storage pouch.More specifically, two front panels each comprise a cup portion and a conforming portion. The prosthesis panels are attached to the rear facing of the cup portion of the front panel to form enclosed pockets to hold one or two prosthesis. Each of the two rear panels are joined at one end to the front panels and extend to meet the opposing rear panel at a back closure. The free end of each of the front panels meet to form a front closure. Straps extend from the top of the front panel to the top of the adjacent rear panel. The torso band extends around the lower edge of the surgery recovery brassiere to form an almost continuous strip of material along the lower edge of the front and rear panels.The surgery recovery brassiere further accommodates post-operative surgical drainage systems composed of one or more drain tubes and associated fluid collection bulbs. The position of drainage tube apertures, generally located proximate to the joint between the front and rear panels, allow drainage tubes to protrude from the chest wall, through the apertures and into the collection storage pouch. Tab closures allow the wearer to secure the drainage tubes within the aperture to further reduce movement of the tubes and disturbance of the drainage system. The storage pouch provides pockets with elastic top entry so that collection bulbs are within easy, convenient reach for emptying lymphatic fluids and other waste materials. The upper edge of the storage pouch releasably attaches to the torso band with a hook-and-loop fastener system.

Double-layer assembly line with interval adjustable

The invention relates to a double-layer assembly line with the interval adjustable. An upper layer adjustable assembly line of the double-layer assembly line with the interval adjustable is installed on a lower layer adjustable assembly line. When an adjusting screw rod is rotated, two upper belt mounting plates can move outwards or inwards simultaneously under the action of synchronizing wheels, meanwhile, under the action of four connecting frames, lower belt mounting plates can be driven to move outwards or inwards simultaneously under the action of lower sliders, thus, the distance between upper transmission belt wheels and lower transmission belt wheels can be adjusted simultaneously to adapt to carriers with various widths, three carrier lifting mechanisms and three carrier stopping mechanisms are installed on an upper plate of the upper layer adjustable assembly line, the carriers are jacked and positioned by the carrier lifting mechanisms after being stopped, and then each carrier can act in a corresponding station and flow to the next station after the action is completed; lifting air cylinders are installed on a lower plate of the lower layer adjustable assembly line, and stop dogs are connected to the lifting air cylinders. The double-layer assembly line with the interval adjustable is used for transporting product carriers, the carriers can stop in any position of the assembly line for machining, and thus the double-layer assembly line with the interval adjustable can adapt to different products.

Construction method for tunnel continuous mucking, lining and excavation synchronization

The invention provides a construction method for the continuous mucking, lining and excavation synchrony of tunnels (caves), which comprises the following steps: the front end of a belt conveyer is positioned in an excavation work area, the belt conveyer from the excavation work area to the lining area of a steel moulding plate trolley is positioned on an inverted arch precast block (6) or hung at the top of the tunnel; the belt conveyer in front of the steel moulding plate trolley causes a conveyer (7) to be positioned at one internal side of a moulding plate trolley gantry (4) when passing through the moulding plate trolley on the basis of being positioned on the inverted arch precast block or a cast-in-situ inverted arch; a falsework (14) is arranged in front of the moulding plate trolley (2) and positioned on a track (12) which is connected in front of the self-circulation of the steel moulding plate trolley; and the belt conveyer is positioned on the inverted arch precast block or hung at the top of the tunnel from a lining operating area to a tunnel entrance after passing through the steel moulding plate trolley. The construction method can realize the continuous mucking of the belt conveyer and the synchronous lining of the moulding plate trolley along with the excavation of the tunnel in tunnel construction and cause transport equipment such as cars or the track to transport facilities and other materials needed by tunnel construction.

Method and device for producing spring bed core full-automatically

The invention mainly discloses a method and device for producing spring bed core full-automatically; an automatic transmitter with simple and easy operation is used for connecting a spring coiling machine and a spring stringing machine integrally; under synchronous control, three machines coordinate the motion so as to realize full automatic production line from steel wire to bed core. The spring coiling machine equidistantly and horizontally outputs springs through a step conveying mechanism; the springs horizontally output adjust the turnover component of the automatic transmitter to be upright state and positioned into groups equidistantly by positioning components; the springs are pushed into the spring stringing machine from a conveying belt by means of the pushing component of the automatic transmitter to realize spring string. A full automatic production line is formed, and the steel wire as raw material is automatically made into the spring bed core, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency, shortening the production time in unit, reducing the labor intensity, and forming great economic benefit in enterprises; moreover, the obtained product has high quality and low defective rate, and the equipment failure rate is low.

Intelligent material warehousing and fetching method

The invention discloses an intelligent material warehousing and fetching method. The method comprises the following steps: coding the material; delivering a material tray filled with the material to a material placement platform at a material inlet window of an intelligent warehouse by a loader; automatically capturing the material by a manipulator of the intelligent warehouse and storing the material to a freight space in the intelligent warehouse, of which the address is designated by a material management software system; when the material is discharged, fetching the material tray at the freight space address designated by the warehousing system by the manipulator and delivering the material tray to a material conveyor belt of the intelligent warehouse; conveying the material tray to a discharge hole of the intelligent warehouse through the material conveyor belt to finish material discharging from the intelligent warehouse. The intelligent material warehousing and fetching method disclosed by the invention combines the intelligent warehouse with the material management software system to realize accurate storage and fetch of multiple materials or the single material, is high in degree of automation, free of wrong material fetching or material loss, capable of reducing the idle stock problem, and high in material storage and fetch efficiency, saves labor, and is beneficial to improvement of the production efficiency and reduction of the production cost.
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