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A plastic bag, polybag, or pouch is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. Plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, produce, powders, ice, magazines, chemicals, and waste. It is a common form of packaging.

Fecal specimen collection, preserving and transport device and method

A device for quantitively collecting, preserving, storing and mailing a fresh and wet specimen of fecal or other biological matter for later analysis comprises a simple tubular vessel double sealed at one end by a machine manipulable plug having breakable hollow nib and cover, and that is engaged at the opposite end by a machine manipulable stopper from which a specimen carrying stick axially projects into the vessel through an internal sealable septum spanning a median section of the vessel. The cross-sectional profile of the stick is shaped to form a widened shoulder carrying a resilient washer. The shoulder matingly engages a correspondingly shaped passageway in the septum when the stopper engages the vessel which restricts the amount of specimen passing therethrough. The amount of specimen and preserving fluid are quantitatively balanced and remain so until part or all of the fluid is extracted for analysis either manually by breaking of the sealing nib or automatedly by machine removal of the plug or stopper. Collection by a patient or unskilled person is enhanced by providing the tubular vessel as part of a sample collection and return kit which further contains a disposable paper catch web which is made to be temporarily secured to a toilet droopingly spanning the seat to catch the feces for sampling. The kit also provides a sealable plastic bag and a crush resistant mailing carton. The above components of the kit are carried within a sterile bag until used.

Bag, bag pack, and bag dispensing system

ActiveUS20050087542A1Resists tearingCarry substantial amount of weightBagsSacksThermoplasticCarrying capacity
A tabless, self-opening T-shirt-styled thermoplastic bag is provided having a handle, stress relief notch, and mounting tab structure for providing a wide-opening bag mouth and a bag having high weight carrying capacity. Handles have a narrow upper portion, a wide middle portion and a narrow lower portion. Handle mounting apertures are provided in the wide middle portion, which projects inwardly above the mouth of the bag. The handle mounting apertures are formed by a blade having an elongate section that is bent to form an obtuse angle. The handle mounting aperture has a sufficient width for accommodating arms of a dispensing rack and a height about three times as great as the width. The bag has a central mounting tab extending above the mouth of the bag and between the handles. A stress relief notch having a reasonably tight radius of curvature is provided between each handle and the mounting tab. The mounting tab has a mounting aperture formed by two blades meeting at a sharp corner, the corner having essentially no radius of curvature. A severable region is provided between the corner and an outer edge of the mounting tab, which can tear as the bag is removed from a mounting hook on a dispensing rack. Multiple bags are aligned and bonded together to provide a unitary pack, where pulling one bag off a dispensing rack pulls an adjacent bag open.

Multifunctional environment-friendly electronic machine intelligent recycling recognition system

The invention relates to a multifunctional environment-friendly electronic machine intelligent recycling recognition system. The multifunctional environment-friendly electronic machine intelligent recycling recognition system comprises a recycling cabinet body, wherein the recycling cabinet body comprises a detection room and two element boxes. The detection room is provided with a cabinet door, and the bottom of the detection room is provided with a containing door. The internal room wall of the detection room and the inner side of the cabinet door are provided with a plurality of webcams. A spectrograph signal projector (namely light source) is arranged inside the detection room, and a spectrograph signal receiver is arranged on the top of the detection room or one face, opposite to the spectrograph signal projector (namely light source), of the detection room. The top of the detection room is provided with an expansion link, and the tail end of the expansion link is provided with a holding device. The multifunctional environment-friendly electronic machine intelligent recycling recognition system has the advantages of being low in cost, high in recognition rate, high in response speed, low in energy consumption, high in anti-interference and weather ability and high in automaticity, can be placed in public places such as a community, a school and a market, can conveniently and rapidly recognize daily-use plastic products such as plastic bags, beverage bottle and daily use chemical product packages, and fully stimulates environmental protection positivity of people by means of conducting credit accumulating to recycled articles.
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