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Water Use Monitoring Apparatus

The present invention is a water use and/or a water energy use monitoring apparatus that is affixed to the hot and cold water supply piping for continuously (or on demand) monitoring displaying the water and water energy (hot vs. ambient) use within a residential or commercial building. A first wire or wireless means is incorporated to communicate with a remote display for viewing by the owner of a commercial building or occupier/resident of a home. A second optional wire or wireless means can be incorporated that can be monitored by civil, commercial, governmental or municipal operators or agencies, using a remote display and/or recorder means or by a secure wire or wireless communication network (e.g. cell phone technology communication means). A third wireless means communicates water parameter data utilizing typical cell tower technology and/or mesh network technology. The water use monitor apparatus includes a power generation, a microprocessor, temperature and water flow sensors, optional water quality sensors, timing circuits, wireless circuitry, and a display means. A first wired or wireless means is designed to electronically communicate water use and water energy use information to a remotely located display for convenient observation by a commercial operator or occupier, or resident. An optional second wireless means is designed to electronically communicate water and/or water energy use information to governmental or municipal operators or agencies.
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