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Flexible sectioned arm with internal overbending-prevention sleeves

A flexible, sectioned plastic arm for a showerhead comprises a series of interconnected ball-and-socket (B&S) sections (10) with a proximal (shower pipe) end piece (12) and a distal (showerhead) end piece (14). Each B&S section has a proximal (cup or socket) end (10S) and a distal (ball) end (10B). The proximal end piece has a proximal end with female threads which can be screwed onto a shower pipe and a ball-shaped distal end for snapping into the socket of the most proximal section of the shower arm. The distal end piece has a proximal end with a socket for snapping onto the most distal end section of the shower arm and a distal end with male threads (12T) which can be screwed onto the showerhead. The arm has a through hole containing a series or chain of cylindrical brass or other metal sections, tubes, or sleeves (16). These prevent the arm from being bent too far, thereby to keep the B&S from separating. The two end tubes abut a pair of respective resilient spacers (18) or springs (18S), which in turn abut shoulders in the end pieces to keep the series of tubes in place. Inside the series of tubes is a flexible plastic tube (20) for carrying the water without leakage. A T-shaped end fitting (20T) is attached to each end of the plastic tube. These end fittings hold the tube in the arm. The top arm of the T of the distal end fitting sits in the bottom of the female threaded end of the proximal end piece. The top arm of the T of the distal end fitting sits on the very end of the male threaded end of the distal end piece.

Method for assessing improvement in hand hygiene practices

A method for assessing improvement in hand hygiene practices using sanitation solution dispensers deployed within particular areas of interest in a healthcare facility or the like. Each of the dispensers has a counter associated therewith, with the counter producing a count indicative of actual events of a healthcare worker sanitizing his / her hands. Other data is acquired that impacts the number of anticipated hand sanitation events in this particular area of interest. From this data, a number of anticipated hand sanitation events is determined. Finally, a determination is made, from information obtained through actual observation, of the number of opportunities that healthcare workers will have for hand sanitation in the area of interest over a particular period of time. A performance index, indicative of compliance with hand hygiene protocol, is then obtained by dividing the difference between the actual number of hand sanitizing events and the number of anticipated hand hygiene events by the number of opportunities for such hand hygiene events. This index may then be used to gauge improvement or regression in hand hygiene practices in an area of interest, or to measure the effectiveness of intervention programs, or to compare performance between various areas of interest.
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