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A workbench is a sturdy table at which manual work is done. They range from simple flat surfaces to very complex designs that may be considered tools in themselves. Workbenches vary in size from tiny jewellers benches to the huge benches used by staircase makers. Almost all workbenches are rectangular in shape, often using the surface, corners and edges as flat/square and dimension standards. Design is as varied as the type of work for which the benches are used but most share these attributes...

Pre-processor for inbound sales order requests with link to a third party available to promise (ATP) system

A method and apparatus for pre-processing electronic data requests within the EDI subsystem layer and within the order fulfillment application system. An order interceptor, third-party Available To Promise (ATP) interface, pseudo-sales order workbench, and the reject acknowledgment system processes are provided within the order fulfillment application system to accomplish the pre-processing. The order interceptor performs an asynchronous availability check before a sales order is posted. The result of the ATP check is stored in an ESO, and is applied during the posting process with unique user exits. The result of the ATP check is also used to determine key information about the sales order, such as the sales organization, and division and distribution channels. The pre-processor uses business rules to determine if the ESO should be split into multiple documents for requests satisfied across multiple sales areas. The Workbench provides a customer purchase order view of the ESO that looks, feels and behaves like actual order entry screens. The Workbench also displays messages generated from the pre-processor describing why the ESO was held for review. After the condition is corrected the Workbench re-executes the ESO pre-processor. This continues until all messages are corrected or marked reviewed. The supplier can decide to either accept the request, reject the request or accept individual line items.

Wall-mounted home fitness training equipment

An overall fitness trainer and can be a wall mounted unit that can utilize clip resistance bands as well as other techniques. These bands generally clip on the unit and onto different handles, bars and attachments to perform exercises. The unit can have a removable/adjustable pull up bar, dip bar and seat. It also includes a spring loaded, pull pin carriage that moves freely up and down a vertical spine. This allows for easy adjustment of the carriage and allows the user to attach the bands at multiple angles, widths and levels. This in turn increases the number of exercises the user can perform on the unit. The unit also typically has an o ring that attaches through the arm of the pull up attachment as well as a ½ O-ring at the bottom of the unit again increasing the number of exercises the user can perform. The unit can be attached to the wall with lag bolts into two or more studs. Some embodiments of the invention have an adjustable swivel foot that takes the stress off of the lag bolts and also adds to the overall load capacity of the unit. The apparatus typically has an optional telescoping central vertical spine that splits in two pieces to make the unit easier to ship. The central vertical spine allows attachments to be added and removed using spring loaded pins or plunger pins. Various embodiments of the invention can have an oscillating and telescopic bench, a dip bar, a seat, a knee stabilizer and a foot rest. All of these accessories can be attached and removed to the central spine adding to the versatility and scope of exercises that can be performed.

Device and method for testing linear reciprocating sliding friction and abrasion

The invention discloses a device and a method for testing linear reciprocating sliding friction and abrasion; the device consists of a transducer, a workbench, a sample table, a dragging frame, a force sensor, a changeover switch, a counter, a locking device, a guideway, a baffle, a cable wire, a reducer, a peak value stabilizer, a control part and an auxiliary component; the equipment can automatically complete the abrasion test of an arranged period and can manually complete the test to friction coefficient. The testing method comprises the following steps of: leading the friction block and the sample to reciprocate to slide horizontally with constant pressure, obtaining an abrasion weight loss rate after abrading, keeping a certain positive pressure and leading the sliding block to move from stillness to uniform movement, thus obtaining the maximum static friction coefficient and the sliding friction coefficient. The device and the method can realize uniformly linear and reciprocating relative sliding abrasion in long unidirectional journey, test the maximum static friction coefficient between two bodies and the maximum static friction coefficient, the speed, the load and the adjustable journey with other materials, and can be widely applied to the detection of various samples of different materials and different structural forms.

Bearing washer

The invention discloses a bearing washer, which comprises a main body workbench, a washing chamber arranged on the main body workbench, a spraying pump and a drive motor, wherein the main body workbench is provided with an inlet-outlet path of the washing chamber; the inlet-outlet path is provided with a feed-discharge trolley; the inlet-outlet path is connected with an inlet-outlet cylinder; an upper spraying pipe is arranged at the top position in the washing chamber, and a lower spraying pipe is arranged at the bottom position in the washing chamber; the feed-discharge trolley is provided with an inner stationary fixture, an outer stationary fixture and an upper drive carriage, and the inner and outer stationary fixtures can adjust and clamp a large-size bearing; a rotary spindle, which can be jointed with the centre of the inner stationary fixture, is arranged at the top position in the washing chamber; and the rotary spindle is connected with the drive motor. The bearing washer has the advantages of reducing intermediate links, automatically completing the whole process of product washing, effectively washing dead corners in the products, greatly improving the cleanness of the product, along with high automation, high washing efficiency, low operation and labor intensity, quick, convenient and flexible clamping and fixing operation and complete washing.

High-temperature powder bed system for laser additive manufacture

The invention discloses a high-temperature powder bed system for laser additive manufacture. The system comprises a working cavity, a laser device, a workbench, an electromagnetic heating layer, a heat insulation component and a laminar flow temperature uniforming component, the workbench is arranged in the working cavity, the electromagnetic heating layer is mainly composed of an electromagnetic induction plate and a coil, the electromagnetic heating layer is placed on the lower surface of the workbench and is attached to the workbench, and heat can be directly conducted to the workbench. A cooling flow way is arranged in the workbench, the bottom face and the side face of the electromagnetic heating layer are surrounded by the heat insulation component, and heat insulation and heat preservation of the electromagnetic heating layer can be achieved. The laminar flow temperature uniforming component is arranged outside the working cavity and used for achieving air flow circulation in the working cavity, and even temperature distribution of the workbench can be achieved. According to the part size, the work table board can be heated to be at the high temperature, heat preservation is performed, and temperature uniformization and the cooling functions after machining can be achieved. The aims of protecting the systems, and improving energy utilization rate and heating efficiency can be achieved.

Multifunctional pneumatic reciprocating sealing performance test bench

A multifunctional pneumatic reciprocating sealing performance test bench comprises a servo electric cylinder. The servo electric cylinder is installed on a workbench through a positioning cushion block. A servo electric cylinder drive rod is connected to a piston rod of a test air cylinder through a hinge. The test air cylinder is installed on a pair of precise ball sliding blocks through a fixing plate. The precise ball sliding blocks are installed on a precise guide rail fixed to the workbench. The other end of the test air cylinder is connected with one end of a tension and pressure sensor through a flange, the other end of the tension and pressure sensor is fixed to the workbench through a first supporting piece, and a grating scale displacement sensor is installed on the workbench below the tested piston rod. According to the multifunctional pneumatic reciprocating sealing performance test bench, friction force and the leakage rate of pneumatic sealing can be comprehensively measured, and the multifunctional pneumatic reciprocating sealing performance test bench has the advantages of being simple in structure, easy and convenient to mount and dismount, accurate in measurement, various in test function and the like, the air cylinders are convenient to control, and different structures of sealing rings can be changed.

Semiconductor device testing and sorting machine

The invention discloses a separator for testing semiconductor devices, belonging to the field of semiconductor device detection technique. The separator comprises a rotation workbench which is arranged at the upper end of a vertical shaft; the external circumference of the rotation workbench is uniformly provided with a plurality of liftable suction nozzles; the rotation workbench is sequentially provided with a separation platform, a first rotation positioning device, a detection head, an image camera, an auxiliary rotation disc, a second rotation positioning device, a blanking mechanism and a braiding mechanism which are arranged in clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction and corresponding to the positions of the suction nozzles; the separation platform is connected with the blanking mechanism; the first rotation positioning device and the second rotation positioning device respectively comprise a cavity which is adaptable for the device to be detected; the cavity is arranged below the suction nozzle at the corresponding working position; the circumference of the auxiliary rotation disc is uniformly provided with a plurality of concave cavities which can hold the device to be detected; and the side surface of the auxiliary rotation disc is provided with a marking laser head which is corresponding to the concave cavity. The separator leads a computer to control a plurality of detection devices to work cooperatively, can realize detection, marking, separating and braiding, and has compact structure and high efficiency.

Modular workbench

InactiveUS20050039644A1Easy to adjustMinimize material contactFurniture partsWork benchesButt jointModularity
A modular workbench assembly is presented that provides the user with an infinite number of potential workbench configurations with varying quantities of lower shelf sets, drawer sets, and upper shelf sets. This invention allows economical continual workbench lengthwise expansion by featuring a unique leg assembly and a unique upper shelf assembly that permit a specified number of dimensional lumber pieces to span and fasten to its top surface, or allows the fastening of twice as many dimensional lumber pieces forming a butt joint at the central vertical axis of both the leg assembly and the upper shelf assembly. The leg vertical member of U-shaped cross section features a pair of outward and opposite lengthwise protruding flanges and features a pair of adjacent lateral mounting surfaces so that lateral members, lengthwise members and upward members can be installed simultaneously using a unique, common interlocking fastening scheme which prevents the members from becoming loose under a vibration environment. A unique upper shelf assembly is presented that snaps into place on a leg assembly and is fully adjustable. The upper shelf assembly permits installation of additional structural members onto the leg assembly without removal of the upper shelf assembly from the leg assembly. A universal drawer rail assembly is presented that enables quick and sturdy assembly that is fully interchangeable as either a left drawer rail or a right drawer rail.

A combined loading motion joint bearing testing machine

The invention relates to a combined loading motion joint bearing testing machine, and belongs to the technical field of bearing test detection. A clamping tool is fixed on a workbench through a bolt; a transverse torsion mechanism is in fixed connection with the left end of the workbench through a screw; an axial loading mechanism is in fixed connection with the right end of the workbench through a bolt; a lateral swing mechanism is fixedly connected with the rear end of the workbench by a screw; four columns are mounted on the upper surface of the workbench; a connecting beam is mounted on the upper ends of the columns; and a first oil cylinder is fixedly connected with the upper end of the beam through a screw. The combined loading motion joint bearing testing machine is advantaged in that the structure is novel; a swing actuator and a linear actuator as executing power elements realize axial and radial loading and revolution and inclined swinging; synchronous and asynchronous coordinated operation can be performed so as to simulate loaded and moving states of a centripetal joint bearing, detect and display the load, the friction coefficient, the wear extent, the temperature, the number of movements, the time and the sliding distance in real time and can simulate the working environment of the sample bearing in a real mode.

Online laser measuring, machining and detecting method and device

The invention discloses an online laser measuring, machining and detecting method and a device. By integrating laser measuring, machining and detecting, the geometric dimension and shape of the planar or curved surface of a work piece to be machined can be measured online before laser machining to obtain the actual planar or spatial structure dimension and feature, the error between the work piece to be machined and a theoretical mathematical model caused by deformation or time-dependent deformation produced in early-stage machining is eliminated, and the precision and quality of laser machining are improved. The device comprises a machining laser, an optical path system, and a laser machining head which are sequentially disposed on the same optical path. The device further comprises a laser ranging system, a computer control system, a mobile component, and a workbench. The laser ranging system is used to acquire measurement data of the work piece before and after machining, including the space coordinates and the normal angle of each point of the work piece, and offer the measurement data to the computer control system. By using the device, the precision and quality of 2D platform and 3D curved surface dimension measurement and detection can be improved, and the precision and quality of laser machining can be improved.

Turbine blade visual inspection system

ActiveCN104567679AAccurately obtain measurement dataOvercome speedUsing optical meansTurbine bladeVisual inspection
The invention discloses a turbine blade visual inspection system comprising a machine body, an electric rotating platform and an electric horizontal movement platform. The upper portion of the machine body is provided with a workbench, and a top cover is arranged on the machine body and covers the workbench. The electric rotating platform is installed on the surface of the workbench and used for containing a blade to be detected. The electric horizontal movement platform is provided with a guide slide rail in the vertical direction. A measurement sensor is arranged on the guide slide rail and can move up and down relative to a workbench surface. The measurement sensor is provided with a laser device and a camera, wherein the laser device can emit the laser which is used for measurement and enters the blade in an incidence mode, and the camera is used for receiving light reflected by the blade to conduct imaging. Through cooperation between vertical movement of the measurement sensor on the workbench surface and rotation of the blade on the electric rotating platform arranged opposite to the measurement sensor, multipoint scanning imaging can be conducted on the axial upper portion and the axial lower portion of the blade and the two surfaces of the blade, and therefore the blade can be precisely and rapidly scanned and measured. The turbine blade visual inspection system achieves automatic blade detection, is high in work efficiency and high in measurement precision and greatly improves the detection efficiency of blade type parts.

Biomedical porous pure-titanium implant material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a preparation method of a biomedical porous pure-titanium implant material. The method comprises the steps of S1, constructing a three-dimensional model of the implant material through drawing software, slicing through layering software, conveying the obtained two-dimensional section information to a computer control system of an SLM former, and providing a laser scanning route; S2, paving a layer of titanium powder being 30 to 70 microns in thickness on a workbench of the SLM former through a powder paving layer; S3, performing selective laser meting for the titanium powder through a laser beam under the conditions that the power is 90 to 100W, the scanning spacing is 0.10 to 0.20mm, and the scanning speed is 275 to 540mm/s to obtain a layer of sections of the implant material, and synchronously lowering down the worktable in a distance equal to the height of a layer of powder; S4, repeating the steps 2 and 3 until the three-dimensional model of the implant material is formed; S5, automatically stopping working by the SLM former, cooling the three-dimensional model to reach room temperature, then performing sand blasting to obtain the porous pure-titanium implant material; the three-dimensional model is a porous structural mode using a tetrakaidecahedron unit as a dot matrix and formed by repeatedly accumulating the tetrakaidecahedron units.

Automobile air dryer assembling and testing production line

The invention discloses an automobile air dryer assembling and testing production line. At present, assembly of most of automobile air dryers at home is in a scattered operation state and a testing method is a manual intermittent partial testing method; however, selection and matching of the conventional assembling and testing equipment are not reasonable enough and poor in coordination; and therefore, the assembling process of the automobile air dryer is poor in smoothness and low in assembling and testing efficiency. The automobile air dryer assembling and testing production line comprises a U-shaped workbench line body, wherein the U-shaped workbench line body comprises six assembling workstations, two testing workstations and an assembling and testing workstation, namely a first workstation, a second workstation, a third workstation, a fourth workstation, a fifth workstation, a sixth workstation, a seventh workstation, an eighth workstation and a ninth workstation sequentially; the adjacent workstations are related to each other through a material conveying belt. A shell of the assembled and tested air dryer is transferred among the workstations through the material conveying belts between the workstations, working procedures are continuous, and the workstations are related through the material conveying belts, so that the assembling pace is ensured and the manufacturing cost is reduced.
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