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Multiple-angle scissor blade

The invention is directed to a pair of laparoscopic scissors, comprising a pair of blades connected at a pivot, each of the blades having a length, a tip portion, a body portion, an outer surface, an inner surface and a cutting edge, the cutting edge forming an angle with the outer surface along the length of the blade such that tension during a cutting operation at the tip portion is about the same as tension at the body portion during the cutting operation. The angle formed may be greater at the tip portion which continuously decreases over the length of the blade. The tip portion may have a first body thickness and the body portion may have a second body thickness different from the first body thickness. During the cutting operation, the blades progressively move over each other to provide a point contact along the cutting edges. The blades may be thickened in a number of locations and combinations including: (1) one blade could be thicker than the other to force the opposing blade to flex; (2) both blades could be thicker at the body portions to give more strength when cutting staples; (3) each blade could be thickened on one side or the other to stiffen certain locations; and (4) the tips of each blade could be thicker than the body portions to provide increased tension at the tips. In another aspect of the invention, a process of manufacturing the pair of scissors of the invention is disclosed, comprising the steps of form grinding the blades into a desired shape from a pre-hardened block of material, and sharpening the cutting edges of the blades. The blades may also be formed through other processes including wire EDM, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, machining, cast or metal injection molding, and other independent profile manufacturing processes. The manufacturing process of the invention is beneficial in that each profile can be accurately controlled, and the parts will be exact every time.

Self-piercing frictional rivet welding connecting device

The invention relates to a self-piercing frictional rivet welding connecting device which belongs to the technical field of rivet welding. The device comprises a driving needle, a blank holder, an annular guide slot, an annular positioning spring, a semi-tubular rivet and a female die, wherein the driving needle is sleeved in the blank holder; the semi-tubular rivet is positioned below the driving needle; the annular guide slot is formed in the blank holder; the annular positioning spring is arranged in the annular guide slot; the semi-tubular rivet is positioned on the annular positioning spring; and the female die is arranged below the semi-tubular rivet. The high-strength steels are softened by using the friction heat generated by speedily rotating the rivet so the percentage of elongation of the high-strength steel is increased, the riveting force and the rigid requirement on equipment are reduced, the joint efficiency of friction stir spot welding is improved, the technical shrinkage pool is eliminated, the joint strength is efficiently increased, the mechanical-solid phase double joint is realized and the static and dynamic mechanical properties of the joint are greatly improved. The connecting device of the invention is applied to the connection between the light alloy and the high-strength steel and is also applied to the connection between the different light alloys and between different high-strength steels.
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