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Enclosed operating characteristic sensor for a bicycle component including an emitter for emitting an operating characteristic signal

An enclosed operating characteristic sensing system for a bicycle includes a sensing arrangement for sensing one or more operating characteristics of the bicycle, and an emitter responsive to the sensing arrangement for emitting a signal from a first location on the bicycle to a receiver located in a second location on the bicycle. The emitter is contained within an interior defined by a component of the bicycle at the first location on the bicycle, and the bicycle component is constructed so as to enable the emitted signal to pass through the component for transmission to the receiver. The sensing arrangement may be configured to sense power applied by an operator of the bicycle to impart movement to the bicycle. The bicycle component may be a hub member forming a part of a driven wheel of the bicycle, and including a non-transmissive portion defining one or more openings, and a transmissive portion that occupies the one or more openings to enable the emitted signal to pass through the hub member for transmission to the receiver. The transmissive portion may be in the form of a reinforcing member that cooperates with the non-transmissive portion to reinforce the hub member.
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