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Smart active tyre pressure optimising system

Smart Active Tyre Pressure Optimising System [TPOS]102 is a highly time sensitive design and technique that acts instantaneously in sensing and controlling the tire pressure particularly in imminent and inevitable critical driving situations to reduce emergency & high speed breaking distance, mitigate—loss of traction, hydroplaning, roll over, loss of stability, over & under steering, break failure, loss of control due to puncture by smartly sensing, perform context aware computing and directing the Tyre Pressure Control Units [TPCU]104 to instantaneously control the tyre pressure in right time with right pressure on right tyres thereby actively controlling the footprint and sidewall deformation rate to enhance traction & stability simultaneously sustaining drivability or steerability ultimately to avoid or reduce the impact of collusion and overcome or mitigate critical situations for protecting the vehicles, occupants, pedestrians and other objects around or on the way; also according to design, configurations and scenarios the system instantaneously optimises the tyre pressure on all tyres for further safe driving till next restoration else restores the pressure to optimum preset value utilising inbuilt reservoir or other external restoration systems immediately after the vehicle overcomes the critical situation to continue with safe and comfortable driving. In critical situations TPOS performs sensing, pre computing, current computing for controlling the tire pressure during critical situation, post computing to optimise tire pressure after overcoming accordingly. TPOS 102 utilise smart and adaptive closed loop processing algorithm with predetermined and tested lookup table to instantaneously check and compare the effects between predetermined and tested real world scenarios to the actual real world scenarios for actively sensing, computing and controlling the tire pressure accordingly to mitigate the critical situations. The controlling of tyre pressure is computed mainly based on parameters comprising of sensor system, vehicle safety and stability systems, nature of breaking & break force distribution, tires upper & lower cut-off pressure values, sensing reservoirs and tires internal & external pressure, temperature, moisture, humidity, wheel & tire specifications, vehicle & wheel speed, acceleration & deceleration, vehicle orientation & axial rotation, transverse motion & lateral acceleration, tires position or angle of attack, load & torque distribution, tire traction, steering position, cornering effects, change in Centre of gravity, over & under steering, hydroplaning, sensing road conditions, etc and to further enhance the efficiency, the system interoperates with vehicles existing safety and stability systems like ABS, EBD, ESC, TCS, Rollover mitigation systems, ECU, BA, Precrash systems, suspension & vertical dynamics, radar assisted auto breaking, cruise control system, aerodynamics & airbrakes etc. Other aspects of present invention are controlling the tire temperature according to environmental temperature, moisture and humidity thereby to enhance traction and vary tire pressure according to change in centre of gravity & load, driving modes—comfort, standard and sports modes.

Motor-driven wheel drive device

The invention provides a motor-driven wheel drive device in which the durability of a wheel bearing is increased, the weight and size thereof are reduced, and the disassembly and reassembly thereof is taken into account. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] This motor-driven wheel drive device comprises a drive part (4) having an electric motor (M) driving a planetary speed reduction gear (2) installed in the wheel bearing (1) and a rotating member (17). The wheel bearing (1) further comprises a hub wheel (6) on which an inside rolling surface (6a) is formed, an inner ring (7) press-fitted to the hub wheel, an outer member (8) in which double rows of outside rolling surfaces (8a) are formed, and rolling elements (9). The planetary speed reduction gear (2) further comprises a sun gear (3) formed in a rotating member (17), a plurality of planetary gears (12) disposed between the outer member (8) and the sun gear (3), and carrier pins (14) pivotally supporting these planetary gears on a connection shaft (13). The drive part (4) further comprises the electric motor (M) releasably disposed on the outer member (8) and the rotating member (17). The connection shaft (13) is connected to the hub wheel (6) through a serration, and the rotation of the electric motor (M) is transmitted to the hub wheel (6) through the rotating member (17) and the planetary speed reduction gear (2).

Jet type emergency safety system for vehicle

The invention discloses a jet type emergency safety system for a vehicle, which comprises a micro-processing controller, a vehicle state detecting unit, a flow control valve group, a high-pressure gas storage tank, a high-pressure gas generating tank, gas guide pipes and nozzles, wherein the high-pressure gas storage tank is connected with the nozzles arranged on the vehicle through the gas guide pipe, the micro-processing controller is respectively connected with the vehicle state detecting unit and the flow control valve group, the flow control valve group comprises a plurality of flow control valves, the micro-processing controller is connected with the flow control valve group through valve controllers, and the flow control valves are arranged among the high-pressure gas storage tank and the nozzles. High-pressure gas is jetted out through the nozzles, so that the vehicle obtains the thrust in the direction opposite to the jet direction. The jet type emergency safety system for the vehicle has the advantages that the system is capable of providing a certain external force, realizing emergent braking and sudden acceleration and preventing side turnover and side slip when the vehicle is in emergent braking, sudden acceleration, side turnover and side slip so that driving safety and the like of the vehicle is enhanced.
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