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2023 results about "External pressure" patented technology

Electric pressure cooker

The invention provides an electric pressure cooker which comprises a control circuit, a cooker, an upper lid, a lid, a pressure limiting valve and a driving component. The upper lid is positioned on the upper side of the cooker and is mounted on the cooker in such a manner that the upper lid can be opened and closed; the lid is positioned between the upper lid and the cooker, is rotatably mounted on the upper lid and is rotationally fastened and connected with the cooker; a through hole is formed in the upper lid, an exhaust pipe on the lid extends out of the through hole, and the pressure limiting valve sleeves the exhaust pipe; the driving component is positioned on a side of the exhaust pipe, is mounted on the upper lid and is electrically connected with the control circuit; a slip lift structure is arranged between the pressure limiting valve and the lid, and a matching portion is arranged on the pressure limiting valve. Compared with the traditional electric pressure cooker, the electric pressure cooker has the advantages that the lid is easy to open and close, the problem of difficulty in closing an existing lid due to the fact that internal pressures of an existing electric pressure cooker are higher than external pressures can be solved, and problems of cooker sucking and difficulty in opening the existing lid due to the fact that the internal pressures of the existing electric pressure cooker are lower than the external pressures also can be solved, and the electric pressure cooker can have functions of automatically exhausting air and releasing pressures in cooking procedures.

Shutter-blind-cavity-and-external-pressure-balanced dual-control hollow-glass built-in shutter

The invention discloses a shutter-blind-cavity-and-external-pressure-balanced dual-control hollow-glass built-in shutter. The shutter-blind-cavity-and-external-pressure-balanced dual-control hollow-glass built-in shutter comprises a shutter body, an inner frame, a curtain-sheet-overturning-pulling-rope inner control mechanism, a curtain-sheet-overturning-pulling-rope outer control mechanism, a shutter-blind-lifting-pulling-rope inner control mechanism, a shutter-blind-lifting-pulling-rope outer control mechanism, a curtain-sheet-overturning executing mechanism, a shutter blind and a curtain-sheet overturning pulling rope, wherein the shutter body comprises an upper transverse frame pipe, a lower transverse frame pipe, a left longitudinal frame pipe, a right longitudinal frame pipe, inner glass and outer glass; the inner frame comprises an upper transverse frame strip, a left longitudinal frame strip and a right longitudinal frame strip. The shutter-blind-cavity-and-external-pressure-balanced dual-control hollow-glass built-in shutter is characterized in that upper-transverse-frame-pipe-cavity ventilating holes are formed in the upper-transverse-frame-pipe bottom wall, towards one side of a shutter blind cavity, of the upper transverse frame pipe, a balance-pipe-fixing-base embedded cavity is formed in the upward side of the left end of an upper-left-rotating-corner-inserting-block transverse inserting arm, a balance-pipe fixing base is arranged at the portion corresponding to the balance-pipe-fixing-base embedded cavity, a pair of balance pipes are fixedly inserted onto thebalance-pipe fixing base, the left ends of the pair of balance pipes extend out of the left end face of the upper-left-rotating-corner-inserting-block transverse inserting arm and penetrates througha sealing rubber strip to be communicated with the outside, and the right ends of the pair of balance pipes extend into an upper transverse frame pipe cavity and are communicated with the upper transverse frame pipe cavity. Air pressure in a shutter blind cavity is same as air pressure of the outside.
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