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Means for making soybean milk

The present invention proposes an apparatus for making soybean milk, wherein a cover body is connected to the opening of a container, and a fixing tank is extended form the cover body toward the inside of the container. A motor is installed in the fixing tank. A reaming blade is extended from the motor. A through passage is installed downwards from a position away from the center of the cover through the fixing tank to a cup-shaped component. A fixedly-joining device is installed at the inner edge of the opening of the cup-shaped component to be correspondingly joined with a fixedly-joined device installed at the bottom end of the peripheral surface of the fixing tank. The reaming blade is placed in the cup-shaped component. The periphery of the cup-shaped component is formed to be a filtering net. An electro-thermal tube is connected from the bottom edge of the cover into the container. When soybeans are guided in via the through passage, a small sealing cap is used to cover on the opening of the through passage. After the apparatus is turned on, the soybeans are reamed by the reaming blade, and soybean juice flows into the container while soybean lees is left in the cup-shaped component. After water is added and boiled, the cover is removed and a sealing cap is covered on the container. The sealing cap has a filtering net at a position corresponding to that of the conduct mouth of the container such that soybean can be filtered and poured out.

Infant nutrition immunity formula milk powder and method of preparing the same

The invention relates to an infant nutrition immunity formula powdered milk and a production method thereof, wherein, the production method of the infant nutrition immunity formula powdered milk comprises the following steps: milk which is raw material, is preprocessed, the mixed solution of docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid is prepared, ingredients are mixed, preheating, homogenizing and heating are carried out for sterilizing, decompression is carried out for concentrating, and spray-drying under negative pressure and low temperature and drying on a fluidized bed are carried out, then cooling, packing and inspecting are carried out. The infant nutrition immunity formula powdered milk manufactured by the method of the invention mainly comprises casein phosphoeptide, vitamin D3, lactoferrin, nucleotide, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, the docosahexaenoic acid, the arachidonic acid, fructo-oligosaccharide and galacto-oligosaccharide, which has the advantage of reasonable trophic structure and also ensures that various nutrient substance to be absorbed and deposited to the utmost extend, so as to promote the development of brain and nervous system, improve active immunity, improve intestinal tract micro-ecological environment and strengthen the absorption of calcium, iron and zinc as well as effectively maintain every active nutrient component during the production process.
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