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Liquid silicon fertilizer and technique for producing the same

The invention relates to a liquid silicon fertilizer and a production technique thereof, and belongs to the technical field of fertilizer. The liquid silicon fertilizer is characterized in that raw materials comprise soluble silicon, urea, trace elements, chelate and fulvic acid, which are prepared into the balanced compound fertilizer. The production technique comprises the following steps: 1, dissolving solid potassium metasilicate; 2, dissolving sulfate of the trace elements in water, and adding EDTA into the mixture to obtain the chelate of the EDTA trace elements; and adding boric acid, ammonium molybdate, the urea and the fulvic acid into the mixture after cooling and filtration; and 3, blending the chelate into the mixture to obtain the liquid silicon fertilizer. The production technique is characterized in that (1) the production technique uses water glass and the fulvic acid chelate, has better buffer action for alkali, and can effectively improve stability of SiO3; and (2) the trace elements are chelated twice by using the EDTA and the fulvic acid to form chelated metal ions, so as to prevent silicic acid radicals and the metal ions reacting to form silicate difficult to be dissolved in water, and influence utilization rate of silicon element. The production technique uses the liquid potassium metasilicate and large amount of elements, trace elements and organic substances to establish a balanced compound system, and can effectively improve utilization rate of the silicon element and various nutrient elements for the crops.
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