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Cap device for mixing different kinds of materials separately contained therein and in bottle

A cap device for bottles, which is capable of mixing two different additives separately contained therein with a material contained in a bottle to prepare a mixture in accordance with a simple rotating action of the cap device relative to the bottle, performed by a user, thus allowing the user to easily prepare the mixture just before drinking or using the mixture. The cap device has a cap cover acting as an additive containing part, and defining a cavity therein, with a partition wall provided in the cavity to divide the cavity into two chambers and to separately contain two different additives in the chambers; a first funnel part provided at a lower section of the cap cover; a breakable sheet having a structure to be easily broken by external impact provided at an open lower end of the first funnel part to close the open lower end of the first funnel part; a cap body assembled with a lower end of the cap cover externally tightened to an externally threaded mouth of a bottle; a second funnel part having the same shape as the first funnel part provided at an upper section of the cap body, such that the first and second funnel parts are spaced apart from each other or come into contact with each other; and a means for breaking the breakable sheet so as to open the lower end of the first funnel part.

Spinal Rod Guide For A Vertebral Screw Spinal Rod Connector Assembly

A spinal rod guide and/or guide assembly is provided for mounting a spinal rod onto a spinal rod holder/connector of a vertebral bone screw. The spinal rod guide is configured to extend between an opening in a patient's body and the spinal rod holder of the vertebral bone screw assembly, to receive a spinal rod therein, and thereafter accurately guide the spinal rod into the spinal rod holder. The spinal rod guide is defined by a first elongated arc portion and a second elongated arc portion to define a guide tube for the introduction and placement of additional spinal rod components onto the spinal rod connector, particularly, but not necessarily, for securing the spinal rod into the spinal rod connector. The elongated arc portions are mountable or initially attached onto a top of a spinal rod holder of a spinal rod bone screw assembly. The elongated arc portions (tube) define first and second longitudinal slots extending from a top of the elongated arc portions to a bottom of the elongated arc portions. The two longitudinal slots are situated such as to be diametrically opposite one another. Each longitudinal slot aligns with a spinal rod slot of the spinal rod holder to thereby allow easy placement of the spinal rod into the spinal rod holder. Thereafter, the defined elongated tube provides direct communication and alignment with the top of the spinal rod holder in order to receive a spinal rod connector drive screw for securing the spinal rod into the spinal rod holder.

Method of forming fractures by means of hydrofracturing assisted by alternate spraying of high- and low-temperature fluids in deep hot dry rock

ActiveCN108979609AImprove the problem of difficult hydraulic fracturingIncrease the number ofFluid removalFracturing fluidMicro fracture
The invention provides a method of forming fractures by means of hydrofracturing assisted by alternate spraying of high- and low-temperature fluids in deep hot dry rock. The method herein includes: setting out a well network, and performing primary hydrofracturing to form main fractures; injecting a high-temperature high-pressure fluid and low-temperature water alternately into the main fractureswithin short alternate time; forming micro fractures in the rock at the surface of the main fractures under the thermodynamic action of a great temperature difference and the impact action of a jet; allowing multilevel fracturing to enable the micro fractures to further expand and form more micro fractures under the action of a low-temperature waterborne fracturing fluid and the action of high pressure; repeating until the main fractures and the micro fractures are in mutual lap joint and communication so that a fracture cluster and/or a fracture belt is formed between injection wells and production wells; injecting a sand-carrying fluid, a proppant and a displacing fluid, and closing the wells to complete fracture forming so as to construct an efficient heat exchange reservoir. The methodenables the quantity of the fractures to be significantly increased via the thermal stress action of the temperature difference, so that a fracture network is formed; heat exchange efficiency of a heat storage space is improved.

Strong counterattack crusher

The invention discloses a strong counterattack crusher which comprises a rotor body, a first counterattack plate, a second counterattack plate, a mainframe of a balanced plate and a power-transmitting part, wherein the rotor body is provided with a base, a front box body, a rear box cover and a cylindrical surface, and a plurality of flat hammers are evenly distributed on the cylindrical surface; a first crushing cavity which is formed on the first counterattack plate relative to the rotor body is in an envelope curve shape; an adjusting device is arranged on a pull rod, and a protecting device is arranged on the pull rod; a pair of open-close mechanisms is arranged between two side plates of the rear box cover and two side plates of the base; one surface of each flat hammer is provided with a protrudent plug on the height central line of the plat hammer, and the other surface is provided with two protrudent plugs taking the height central line as a symmetric line; and the flat hammers are fixed on a rotor plate through compact plates of slots which are matched with the plugs of the flat hammers. The invention ensures that the functions of three crushing cavities are fully utilized, the granularity of finished product is moderate, and the percentage of granular small-granularity stone material is greatly increased.

Kiwi fruit enzyme and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN105962343ASolve technical problems that are difficult to retainGuaranteed stabilityFood ingredient functionsPectinaseActinidia
The invention discloses a preparation method of kiwi fruit enzyme with high anti-oxidation activity. A formula is characterized in that fresh kiwi fruits are adopted as raw materials, fruit skin is reserved for pulping after washing and deburring the kiwi fruits, and enzymolysis is carried out on kiwi fruit pulp by adding a composite enzyme preparation (which is prepared from pectinase, cellulose, hemicellulase, protease and diastase), so that the juice yield and the production efficiency are improved; then, a multi-strain symbiotic fermentation technology and a grading inoculation process are adopted, and fermentation and ageing are carried out on a product by sequentially adding saccharomycetes, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria; finally, the purpose of removing bacteria is achieved through the technologies of kieselguhr filter, membrane filter and the like, so that continuous fermentation of the product is ended, the stability of the shelf life is ensured, and meanwhile, the activity of active ingredients and enzyme is maximum kept. The enzyme prepared through the preparation method has the characteristics of high anti-oxidation activity, richness in enzymes and high enzyme activity; the appearance is clear and transparent, the flavor is sour, sweet and gentle, and the fruity fragrance is elegant.

Device and method for quenching dry-method treatment and sensible heat recovery of high-temperature molten slag

The invention discloses a device and a method for quenching dry-method treatment slag and sensible heat recovery of high-temperature molten, wherein a slag stop plate, a slag guide groove, a cooling roll group and a slag removal roll in the device are sequentially arrayed on the outer surface of a rotary drum along the rotation direction of the rotary drum; a slag particle collector is arranged below the slag removal roll; a crusher is arranged on the lower part of the slag particle collector; a waste heat recovery device is arranged below the crusher. The method comprises the following steps of: placing the high-temperature molten slag on the surface of the rotating rotary drum via the slag guide groove; conveying the high-temperature molten slag to a space between the rotary drum and the cooling roll group by the rotary drum; extruding the high-temperature molten slag to be shaped like sheets, cooling and solidifying the high-temperature molten slag to form glass-body solid slag, and conveying the glass-body solid slag to the position of the slag removal roll; peeling the glass-body solid slag, and conveying the glass-body solid slag in the waste heat recovery device; dropping the glass-body solid slag in the crusher, and then forming particle slag after crushing; and then conveying the particle slag in the waste heat recovery device. The method disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of being simple to operate, suitable for industrialized production, capable of alleviating environmental pollution, low in process cost, and the like, as well as has a good application prospect.

WC-Co hard alloy with binding phase enhanced by Ni3Al and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102383021AGuaranteed temperatureTemperature does not exceedAl powderNon oxidative
The invention discloses a toughness-enhanced hard alloy with a Co binding phase enhanced by Ni3Al. The hard phase of the hard alloy is WC, and the binding phase is Co and Ni3Al of which the volume percent is 10-40%. The preparation method of the hard alloy comprises the following sequential steps of: uniformly mixing 2.07-16.05wt% of Ni powder and Al powder with WC powder according to a composition ratio of Ni25Al; placing the uniformly mixed powder in a graphite container at the thickness not more than 50 mm, heating to 1100-1200 DEG C in a non-oxidative atmosphere at a speed not more than 5DEG C/min, maintaining the temperature for more than 1 hour, and naturally cooling to obtain a mixture of WC and Ni3Al; grinding, pulverizing and screening to obtain mixed powder with a particle sizebelow 120 mu m; carrying out deoxidation pretreatment in 400+/-50 DEG C hydrogen; carrying out pre-wet-grinding and mixing on 83.26-97.62wt% of mixed powder obtained after deoxidation pretreatment for 6-12 hours, then adding the balance of Co powder, and carrying out wet grinding for 18-36 hours; carrying out spray drying and pressure shaping on the wet-ground mixed material; and carrying out low-pressure liquid-phase sintering on the pressed blank at 1350-1550 DEG C to obtain the WC-Co hard alloy with the binding phase enhanced by Ni3Al. The hard alloy has the advantages that: a gamma' phaseis dispersed and distributed in the binding phase, the binding phase is uniformly distributed, and the alloy has high compactness, high strength, good wear resistance and excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
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