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Electromagnetic current coupling field assisted hybrid melting-brazing method for laser-TIG arc and equipment

The invention discloses an electromagnetic current coupling field assisted hybrid melting-brazing method for a laser-TIG arc and equipment. In addition to the use of the welding zone, an alternating magnetic field is added to control properties of plasma formed through ionization of laser, arc and a raw material metal, thereby improving the laser utilization rate. Under the electric field assisted comprehensive effect, the weld melting depth is increased, and the assistant effect on the melting bath of the liquid-state brazing filler metal for laser-arc melting-brazing is realized through electromagnetic stirring and excitation and enhancement, thereby promoting the orderly flow of the liquid-state brazing filler metal and the rupture, wetting, spreading and proliferation of the liquid-state brazing filler metal on the surface of the high metal material, improving the full mixing of the liquid-state brazing filler metal and the base metal formed by melting the low-melting-point metal material, improving the uniformity of the components of the brazed weld, stabilizing the welding process, reducing welding defects, increasing the welding speed, improving the weld formation, optimizing the structure and performance of the brazed weld, and improving the quality of the brazed joint. Moreover, the equipment has the advantages of simple structure, flexible application, low cost, good effect and easy realization.

Nano ZSM-5 molecular sieve based catalyst and preparation and use methods

The invention discloses a nano ZSM-5 molecular sieve based catalyst and preparation and use methods. The molecular sieve catalyst consists of molecular sieves and metal components, wherein the molecular sieves are nano ZSM-5 molecular sieves with a short b-axis, a medium high silica-alumina ratio, less strong acid, high Lewis acid content, and resistance to hydrothermal deactivation. The preparation method is as follows: mixing a silicon source, an aluminum source, a template agent, a structure promoter, an additive and alkali with water, and stirring to prepare a precursor solution, then crystallizing, separating solid from liquid, and calcinating to obtain molecular sieve raw powder; mixing the molecular sieve raw powder with an ammonium salt solution, stirring, filtering, mixing with the ammonium salt solution for several times, stirring, filtering, and calcinating to obtain hydrogen-type ZSM-5 molecular sieves; mixing with the metal precursor solution, drying and calcinating to obtain the aromatization catalyst. The use method is as follows: transforming oxy-compound raw materials to aromatic hydrocarbon through the catalyst under the reaction conditions. The nano ZSM-5 molecular sieve based catalyst has the characteristics of being high in aromatics yield (reaching up to 99%) and long in service life (the catalyst is alive after 300 hours, and the aromatics selectivity reaches up to 70% after the catalyst is subjected to hydrothermal aging at 760 DEG C for 4 hours).

Silver-containing silicon-based mesoporous antibacterial agent and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a silver-containing silicon-based mesoporous antibacterial agent and a preparation method thereof. The method comprises the following steps: mixing structure-directing agent of polyethylene glycol-polypropylene glycol-polyethylene glycol block copolymer, deionized water and acid, adding silicon source and silver source, then heating, continuously stirring to obtain sol-gel, drying sol-gel in vacuum, then washing with ethanol, drying in vacuum; and roasting the product of vacuum drying in protective gas. The antibacterial active silver is added during the preparation process of the mesoporous material, so that the silver ion can be deposited on the hole wall of mesoporous, then a physical or chemical method is used to remove the structure-directing agent of mesoporous and finally the silver-containing mesoporous inorganic antibacterial agent is prepared. The antibacterial agent is characterized in that the content of the antibacterial active body is easy to control, the preparation method is easy, the antibacterial property is strong and stable, the antibacterial effect can last for long time, the color of the antibacterial agent is not easy to change, the antibacterial agent is nontoxic, etc. The antibacterial agent can be widely used in fields such as ceramics, plastics, textile, coatings, water treatment and the like.

Barbecue furnace with cover

The invention relates to an oven with a cover cap, and belongs to the technical field of food processing and domestic instant food processing. The oven is characterized in that an oven hearth consists of a lower semicircular cylinder which is arranged transversely and has an upward opening and two ends connected to a fixed semicircular wall, and an upper semicircular cylinder connected with a cylinder edge by a shaft; two ends of the oven hearth fixed at the edges inside the upper semicircular cylinder on the circumferential wall are provided with calking grooves along a semicircle, the calking grooves are embedded into the edges of an arc moving door at one-quarter opening of an upper semicircular cover, and the middle of the upper semicircular cylinder is provided with a dial thermometer for measuring temperature of the oven hearth; three racks are arranged in the oven hearth, namely, a bottom layer, an upper rack and a middle rack; a cylindrical oven body is arranged on a bracket; and the oven is provided with a chimney, an air door and a shelf. The oven has the advantages as follows: because barbecue is roasted closely, heat is not easy to diffuse, roasting strength can be adjusted, the oven not only improves roasting efficiency and does not pollute environment, but also heat food evenly, shortens roasting time, and can supply enough smudging roasted food.

Low-shrinkage high-strength polyester industrial yarn and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a low-shrinkage high-strength polyester industrial yarn and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises: carrying out solid phase condensation polymerization tackifying on a modified polyester, melting, metering, extruding, cooling, oiling, drawing, carrying out heat setting, and winding, wherein the unchanged longitudinal height is maintained during thecooling, the cross section area of the slow cooling chamber is increased while the plate surface temperature of the spinning plate is maintained by using the thermal insulation method, and the oil agent for oiling contains 67.30-85.58 wt% of crown ether. According to the present invention, the preparation method is simple; the material of the prepared low-shrinkage high-strength polyester industrial yarn is the modified polyester with the molecular chain including a terephthalic acid chain segment, an ethylene glycol chain segment and a diol chain segment having the branched chain, the fracture strength is more than or equal to 7.3 cN/dtex, and the dry heat shrinkage rates at the conditions comprising 177 DEG C, 10 min and 0.05 cN/dtex and the conditions comprising 190 DEG C, 15 min and 0.01 cN/dtex respectively are 1.8+/-0.5% and 3.5+/-0.5%.

Method for surface modification of basalt fibre carrier for purifying water quality

The invention discloses a method for surface modification of a basalt fibre carrier for purifying water quality. The method comprises the following steps of: firstly roughening the surface of originally smoother basalt fibre by acid etching, wherein the rough surface is beneficial to attaching and fixing the microbes on the surface; and then forming an Si-OH group on the surface of basalt fibre through an advanced oxidation reaction to evidently increase oxygen-containing groups on the surface of basalt fibre, thereby enhancing the wetting property of the surface of basalt fibre; and then depositing Fe<3+> ions on the surface of basalt fibre carrier by using a cation deposition method, wherein the potential on the surface of carrier is boosted; the surface of carrier has positive change to accelerate the fixation of the microbes on the surface of fibre by utilizing electrostatic attraction; and modifying the surface of basalt fibre carrier to enable the surface to have excellent hydrophilic property and microbe loading property and to load more biomass weights, as well as to maintain higher microbial activity for a long time, thereby more efficiently removing the pollutants in the water body through a biological membrane method.

Preparation method and application of Schiff base functionalized ordered mesoporous PMO material solid supported Cu(I) heterogeneous catalyst

The invention discloses a method for preparing a Schiff base functionalized ordered mesoporous PMO material solid supported Cu(I) heterogeneous catalyst and application thereof in a Glaser organic reaction in an aqueous medium. The method comprises the following steps of: mixing 0.90 to 1.2g of amino-functionalized PMO with 15 to 25ml of ethanol and 0.8 to 1.2 mmol of 2-pyridylaldehyde solution; stirring the mixture for 12 to 18 hours at room temperature; then filtering and washing the mixture, performing vacuum drying and standing overnight to obtain an ordered mesoporous Schiff base functionalized PMO (Et); adding 0.40 to 0.60g of Schiff base-PMO (Et) into 12 to 18 ml of dimethyl sulfoxide solution which contains 0.1 to 0.3 mmol of CuI; stirring the mixture for 24 to 36 hours at the room temperature; filtering the solids and washing the solids by using the dimethyl sulfoxide and ethanol in turn; and finally performing vacuum drying on the product and standing overnight so as to obtain an ordered mesoporous organic metal copper heterogeneous catalyst. The catalyst has the advantages of organic group content, higher hydrophobic property, easy diffusion of an organic reactant in a pore channel, well contact with a catalytic active site, improvement of catalytic efficiency, ordered mesoporous structure, uniform pore diameter distribution, and large specific surface area.
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