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Modular meter configuration and methodology

A modular electricity meter configuration and corresponding methodology permits use of certain common components in combination with either a variety of mechanical displays or electronic displays. In electricity meter arrangements making use of printed circuit board or solid state technology, at least two separate electronics boards may be provided. One may constitute a standard board for basic metrology functions while the other may comprise selected implementation of various higher level functions for creating a custom design electricity meter to meet customer requirements. Different customers may be provided with differently outfitted meters by corresponding customization of the higher level function board. A unitary power supply may be provided for both boards through a fixed connector. A common baseplate includes a circuitry link through a nonremovable plug or clip for alternatively providing a tamper proof embodiment or one with exposed terminals for permitting customer testing. Physical stability and strength is provided by using tapered mounting posts and integrated snap fit arrangements without requiring any screws for assembly. A light pipe provides external output through an innercover to indicate correct meter operation. Meter data and other metered information may be output through different configurations optionally involving hardwired output, RF links, pulse outputs, and telephone connections via modem or wireless.
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