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Cell selection and inter-frequency handover

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for controlling a communications system that includes a mobile wireless device, a first and a second base station and a radio network controller. The communications system may allocate frequency bands to users on a multiplicity of channels associated with a multi-layer access network across at least two cells communicatively coupled to a first and a second base station, respectively. The method comprises monitoring a radio emission parameter associated with the first and second base stations that communicate with the mobile wireless device. A radio emission parameter associated with the first and second base stations, such as signal strength or quality, is monitored, to select a target cell among a set of candidate cells for the mobile wireless device and to transfer the mobile wireless device from a first frequency band to a second frequency band. For example, radio resource management algorithms may cause emission-controlled cell selection and inter-frequency handover from a first frequency band to a second frequency band with a transmit power level lower than that of the first frequency band. In accordance with one aspect of the instant application, electromagnetic exposure to a user of the mobile wireless device is substantially decreased, resulting in lower energy costs and reduced environmental impacts.

Traffic light positioning and identification method, device and system

The invention discloses a traffic light positioning and identification method, device and system. The method includes the following steps that: an image to be detected and a convolutional neural network-based target detection and identification model are obtained; traffic light identification is performed on a traffic light identification region of the image to be detected through the convolutional neural network-based target detection and identification model; and traffic light information in the image to be detected is obtained, wherein the traffic light information contains the colors, coordinate positions and confidence degrees of traffic lights. According to the traffic light positioning and identifying method, device and system provided by the technical schemes of the invention adopted, the signals of the traffic lights are positioned and identified through the convolutional neural network-based target detection and identification model, and therefore, the traffic light positioning and identification method, device and system can be not only applicable for surrounding environment influence and but also be applicable to the positioning and identification of the signals of traffic lights of any shape, and thereby, improving the identification precision of the signals of the traffic lights and reducing a misjudgment rate.

Robot navigation system and navigation method

The utility model discloses a robot navigation system and a navigation method. The robot navigation system comprises a navigation network which is formed by a plurality of wireless access points, a wireless communication module which is used for transferring data and collecting the intensity sequence communicated with the wireless access points, a sensor which is used for checking that the robot meets barriers or not, and a position server which is used for storing the referenced intensity sequence and running the intricate position arithmetic, and is characterized in that the position server is connected with the wireless communication module and interacts with the navigation network. The navigation method is characterized in that the robot judges the next target position until reaches the destination by comparing the intensity sequence collected in real time with stored reference intensity sequence of the position points; when the robot meets barriers, the robot records and demarcates the intensity sequence of the position in order to avoid entering the position again, therefore achieving intellectual learning; the robot can upload the correlative information to the position server and achieve the assistant navigation position by the help of the database of the position server and the position arithmetic. The utility model is not likely to be affected by the environment and also has the advantages of low cost of maintenance.

Self contained wall mountable surveillance and security system

A surveillance system that is comprised of an environmentally sealed metal cabinet enclosure consisting of high impact resistant metal, said enclosure consists of a metal back and having two equal metal sides and an equal top and bottom pieces that are framed and fastened in such a manner as to form a framed rectangular metal box style enclosure. A front mounted metal access door with two recessed metal hinges, a rubberized gasket to form a seal and an attached locking device and handle complete the cabinet enclosure. Side access ports of at least one per side, and generally being round in nature provide a side access point to the interior of the cabinet, said access ports provide a mounting point for the generally hollow camera mounting arm to be attached to each side of said cabinet. The said access ports allow wiring and cables to pass through the connected camera mounting arm to the interior of the cabinet, with said camera mounting arm ends being environmentally sealable, thus rendering the wiring and cable protected from the environment and secure from tampering or accidental damage. The cabinet contains and houses the various subsystem components consisting of, but not limited to, a video encoding device, communication equipment and various control systems for powering and controlling the plurality of pan, tilt and zoom cameras with analytic capabilities, sensor apparatus, various warning devices and having at least one, but not limited to one, power source providing power to the plurality of electronic devices. Secondly, a programmable LED digital message board is positioned and attached at or near the top of the cabinet to provide a highly visible visual warning that the area is under surveillance.

Model for causing ground setting due to engineering environment effect and test method thereof

The invention discloses a model for causing ground setting due to an engineering environment effect and a test method thereof. The model comprises a model casing, simulation materials, measuring equipment, data acquisition equipment and water pressure controlling equipment, wherein the simulation materials for simulating a research area are placed in the model casing; the measuring equipment is arranged in the model casing for measuring parameters; the data acquisition equipment is connected with the measuring equipment and is used for acquiring and processing the parameters measured by the measuring equipment; and the water pressure controlling equipment is connected with the model casing and provides water pressure for the model casing and is used for simulating a water table aquifer and an artesian aquifer on a practical soil layer. the test method comprises the following steps of: determining influence factors to be researched; considering the size and the distance of a simulationbuilding and the plane size of the model casing according to the consolidation principle; determining various similar constants by adopting a dimensional method; determining the simulation materials;simulating the early-stage preparations of the test; and carrying out a simulation test. According to the invention, the ground deformation due to the underground water level lifting and the ground setting due to the engineering environment effect can be researched.

Three-connected-arch tunnel double-side cavity construction method for soft geological

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The invention relates to the technical field for the engineering of large-section tunnel, in particular to an engineering method for the double lateral tunnel of a three-arc tunnel on soft and weak geological condition, which resolves the problem of longer duration for the exposure of wall rock, easy deformation of tunnel and poor waterproof effect in existing tunnel engineering method. The invention comprises: (1) excavation of lateral tunnel; (2) lining of later tunnel: first of all, dismantle the primary support of the whole section, then pour the arc invert secondary lining and arc section secondary lining with the construction joint being configured at the lower section of the middle wall for the lateral tunnel; (3) after the circular lining a left lateral tunnel I and a right lateral tunnel II on a same section, excavate and line a middle tunnel III. This method realizes simple equipment and convenient engineering; with the construction sequence of building the lateral tunnel and then the middle tunnel, the invention gives full play to the supporting function of the secondary lining of the middle wall, so as to reduce the load borne by the primary support of the arc section of middle tunnel and elevate the safety coefficient; the invention reduces the settlement and impact on peripheral environment, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the excavation working face; small number of construction joint and high working efficiency.
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