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Continuous identity authentication method based on touch screen slip behavior characteristics

The invention discloses a continuous identity authentication method based on touch screen slip behavior characteristics. The method comprises the following steps: analyzing touch screen slip operation behaviors generated when a user operates touch screen equipment; classifying touch screen slip operations into four operation modes according to touch screen slip directions, extracting behavior characteristics under each operation mode, establishing a user identity model under each operation mode based on the behavior characteristics, and performing continuous authentication on the identity of the user of the touch screen equipment by use of a window average method. According to the method, the touch screen slip behaviors do not need to be memorized or carried, behavior data collection can be finished in a daily touch screen equipment use process of the user without cooperation of the user, and non-invasive initiative identity authentication can be realized; in addition, a method of respectively performing modeling and window authentication on different types of touch screen operations is adopted, so that the stability of the authentication model can be ensured, the touch screen behavior characteristics of the user can be better embodied, and the robustness and fault tolerance of continuous identity authentication are obviously improved.
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