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Location tracking refers to technologies that physically locate and electronically record and track the movement of people or objects. Location tracking technology is in use every day with GPS navigation, locations located on digital pictures and searching for businesses nearby using common apps.

Cross monitoring method and system based on voiceprint recognition and location tracking

InactiveCN101673544AEnabling Contactless Biometric IdentificationOvercoming \"Only Knowing Things\"Special service for subscribersPosition fixationHuman bodyLocation tracking
The invention discloses a cross monitoring method and a system based on voiceprint recognition and location tracking, belonging to the field of monitoring systems. The invention collects personal information and voice samples of a monitored target and constructs a vocalprint model thereof, and a wireless location communication terminal collects the location information thereof and the vocalprint information which are compared with filed information in the database; then, the human body movement track reflecting the monitored target and the complete report of a practical violation condition areoutput for management personnel to inspect and evaluate the performance of the monitored target; the management personnel can require and evaluate a statistical analysis report concerning the monitored target activity performance timelessly to observe the movement track and the state thereof or adjust the monitoring scheme thereof according to the performance. The invention realizes the remote location tracing of the monitored target, realizes non-contact biological identity recognition of the monitored target and satisfies the requirement of remote and non-contact monitoring of the monitoredtarget. The invention can be widely applied to the non-contact electronic monitoring and identity recognition field.
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Location Sensitive Healthcare Task Management System

A Workflow Management System is integrated with a Healthcare Information System and uses location tracking of patients, providers and resources in addition to relevant patient data in managing tasks of clinicians associated with care of a patient. A personnel and device location sensitive system for managing healthcare worker tasks includes a tracking processor. The tracking processor monitors healthcare worker, patient and equipment location, to provide device and personnel location data by detection of wirelessly communicating tag devices attached to healthcare workers, patients and equipment. A display processor uses the location data for initiating generation of data representing at least one display image associating a work task, comprising providing a treatment related service to a patient, for performance by a healthcare worker, with a current location of a patient and equipment to be used in providing the treatment related service. A workflow engine uses the location data for updating a task list of a healthcare worker to indicate tasks ranked in response to a plurality of different factors including one or more of, (a) task urgency, (b) location of particular equipment used in a particular task and (c) worker skill level.
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