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Fully automatic mobile hydraulic lifting platform machine

The invention discloses a fully automatic mobile hydraulic lifting platform machine. The machine comprises a chassis, a travelling drive device, a lifting device, hydraulic and electrically controlled systems and a charging device, wherein the lower surface of the chassis is provided with wheels, the travelling drive device and a braking device, the lifting device, the hydraulic system, a steering system, a operation system, a control system, the charging device and a foot device are arranged on the chassis, the chassis and a platform are provided with a safety device and a measurement system, and the lifting device is provided with a floating platform device. The machine of the invention can bear the rated weight according to the demand; and the travelling mechanism thereof can realize forth-back travelling and left-right travelling, 90 degrees of translation and crab motion, and the lifting platform device can move longitudinally and transversely, rotates and go up and down freely. Owning to various movement choices, the degrees of mechanization and automation are high, and the machine can change according to different conditions and accurately and timely position the installation position of the chassis, thus increasing the efficiency, ensuring the satisfy and satisfying the demand of the railway vehicle manufacture and assembly production line.

Intelligent lifting platform for electricity maintenance and using method thereof

The invention discloses an intelligent lifting platform for electricity maintenance and a using method thereof. The intelligent lifting platform comprises a hydraulic system, an electric system, a base, a maintenance platform and a lifting device. Leveling devices are arranged on the base. A first-level lifting platform is located above the base and arranged on the leveling devices. The first-level lifting platform is provided with an acceleration meter and a gyroscope module which can measure inclination of the first-level lifting platform accurately. A controller controls four leveling hydraulic cylinders to act, so that the first-level lifting platform is in a horizontal state. A supporting device is arranged on the base. The lifting device is arranged on the first-level lifting platform. The maintenance platform is arranged on the lifting device. Sliding grooves for rolling wheels to slide therein are formed in the lower plane of the maintenance platform and the upper plane of the first-level lifting platform. The rolling wheels are arranged at the ends of scissor arms of the lifting device, the scissor arms slide to the middle from the two sides at the same time to enable the gravity center of the maintenance platform to be located in the middle of the base, the situation that due to unbalance loading, the maintenance platform topples can be prevented, and safety and reliability in the using process are ensured.

Ultrasonic probe type anti-collision device for working platform

InactiveCN102120556ASolve the technical difficulties of anti-collisionLow costSafety devices for lifting equipmentsProgrammable logic controllerEngineering
The invention discloses an ultrasonic probe type anti-collision device for a working platform. The anti-collision device comprises ultrasonic probes, a probe signal processing module and a programmable logic controller (PLC), wherein the ultrasonic probes are mounted on the bottom surface, front surface, left side surface and right side surface of the working platform; the probe signal processing module is used for receiving mV-level voltage signals sent by the ultrasonic probes and converting the signals into controller area network (CAN) bus signals; and the PLC is used for receiving the CAN bus signals and controlling the normal operation, slow operation and stop operation of high-altitude operation equipment according to the signals. The system not only can prevent the working platform from colliding with an obstacle, but also can selectively stop the operation of the high-altitude operation equipment and constantly inform an operator of the distance between each surface of the working platform and the obstacle, thereby realizing intelligent safety control of the high-altitude operation equipment; the current detection range of the system is 0-2m, and completely meets the requirements of anti-collision safety detection on the working platform of any high-altitude operation equipment; and moreover, the system is convenient to mount, easy to debug, high in reliability and cheap in price.

3D machine visual forklift travelling auxiliary safety system and method

The invention discloses a 3D machine visual forklift travelling auxiliary safety system and method. The travelling state and peripheral operating environment of a forklift can be monitored in real time, and safety of personnel and assets in the forklift operation process is ensured. The system comprises an operating environment perceiving subsystem (1) formed by adopting a plurality of intelligent depth cameras as mains, a vehicle state monitoring subsystem (2) for collecting travelling states such as the speed, the posture and cornering of a vehicle, an output subsystem (3) for being connected with a vehicle power control assembly and controlling a braking control assembly, and an information processing subsystem (4) for logic control and intelligent judgment and recognition. According to the 3D machine visual forklift travelling auxiliary safety system and method, through the intelligent depth cameras and a plurality of sensors, the operating environment and the vehicle condition of the forklift are subjected to overall monitoring, obstacle detecting and warning can be provided, and through accurate recognition of personnel and objects, the functions of active personnel safety warning and controlling can be further achieved.

Screw rod follow-up supporting mechanism of lifting device

The invention relates to a safety mechanism used for an oil cylinder or other hoisting devices, in particular to the screw-typed servo-supporting mechanism of a lifting-up oil cylinder hoisting device. The safety mechanism is characterized in that a base is provided with a heavy-loaded screw; a bearing circular nut is arranged on the heavy-loaded screw; a bearing is arranged between the bearing circular nut and the base; a spring is arranged below the bearing; the output shaft of a servo motor is connected with the bearing circular nut, the external side of the bearing circular nut is prepared into a gear; the base is provided with a micrometer which is connected with an electron amplifier by a leading wire; the output shaft of the servo motor is provided with a gear which is meshed with the gear at the external side of the bearing circular nut; and clearance is reserved between the bearing circular nut and the base. The safety mechanism has simple, compact and reasonable structure, can still effectively support the heavy-loaded workpiece when the oil pressure of the oil cylinder disappears suddenly, uses the servo-supporting screw to keep self-locking, avoids the sliding of the heavy load and ensures the safety of the lifting-up of the heavy-loaded workpiece.
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