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Wheel type mobile fruit picking robot and fruit picking method

The invention discloses a picking method and picking robot device aiming at fruits which are in size of an apple and is similar to a sphere. The picking robot device comprises a mechanical actuating device, control system hardware and control system software. The mechanical actuating device comprises a picking mechanical arm, an underactuated manipulator, an electric sliding table and an intelligent mobile platform, wherein the control system hardware comprises an IPC (industrial personal computer), a motion control card, a data acquisition card, an AHRS (attitude and heading reference system), a coder, a monocular camera, a binocular camera, a force sensor, a slipping sensor and the like. During operation, the IPC fuses information of the coder, the AHRS, monocular camera components and an ultrasonic sensor to enable the mobile platform to independently navigate and avoid obstacles. A binocular vision system collects images of mature fruits and obstacles and extracts the characteristics of the images so as to realize obstacle avoidance of the mechanical arm and fruit positioning. Finally, the IPC fuses the information of the force sensor, the slipping sensor and the position sensor, thereby further reliably gripping the mature fruits and separating the fruits from fruit branches.
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