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Welding visual detection method and device based on convolutional neural network

A welding visual detection method based on a convolutional neural network includes the following steps that firstly, at the training stage, a training sample is input into the convolutional neural network, and the connection weight and offset value of the convolutional neural network are obtained; secondly, at the testing state, a welding picture is read in and preprocessed with the digital picture processing technology, and a region of interest is extracted and then subjected to picture size normalization processing to serve as input of the convolutional neural network. The invention further provides a welding visual detection device based on the convolutional neural network. The welding visual detection device based on the convolutional neural network comprises a crawling mechanism, a power transmission mechanism, visual detection equipment and a weld defect detection and analysis system. By means of the welding visual detection method and device based on the convolutional neural network, the automaton and intelligence level is improved, the detection precision is effectively improved, and the detection speed is effectively increased.

Self-adaptive voice endpoint detection method

The invention relates to voice detection technology in an automatic caption generating system, in particular to a self-adaptive voice endpoint detection method. The method comprises the following steps: dividing an audio sampling sequence into frames with fixed lengths, and forming a frame sequence; extracting three audio characteristic parameters comprising short-time energy, short-time zero-crossing rate and short-time information entropy aiming at data of each frame; calculating short-time energy frequency values of the data of each frame according to the audio characteristic parameters, and forming a short-time energy frequency value sequence; analyzing the short-time energy frequency value sequence from the data of the first frame, and seeking for a pair of voice starting point and ending point; analyzing background noise, and if the background noise is changed, recalculating the audio characteristic parameters of the background noise, and updating the short-time energy frequency value sequence; and repeating the processes till the detection is finished. The method can carry out voice endpoint detection for the continuous voice under the condition that the background noise is changed frequently so as to improve the voice endpoint detection efficiency under a complex noise background.

Road boundary detecting and tracking method

The invention discloses a road boundary detecting and tracking method. The road boundary detecting and tracking method comprises acquiringpolar coordinate data of radar scanning points of the surroundings of an unmanned vehicle through radar scanning, and converting the polar coordinate data into rectangular coordinates; mapping radar points into a polar coordinate grid, and according to the height of extending vertexes in the grid, extracting ground points; extracting road boundary points through the radial distance of the scanning points from a road boundary under the same scanning line as well as the height mutation properties of the neighboring scanning points and by combining with a road extending direction; performing filtering through the random sampling consensus algorithm, fitting the filtered road boundary points through the least square method; performing tracking through a Kalman filter. The road boundary detecting and tracking method can effectively extract road boundaries in an actual scenario when obstacles exist on roads, and by means of the Kalman filter, enhances the boundary detecting accuracy and reliability. The road boundary detecting and tracking method involves no complex computation, thereby being high in practicality and applicable to wide application to unmanned navigation modules.

Active-mode intelligent safety monitoring instrument for car

The invention relates to the field of the car electronic and artificial intelligent field, and particularly discloses an active-mode intelligent safety monitoring instrument for a car and a monitoring method thereof. The active-mode intelligent safety monitoring instrument for the car comprises an embedded system (comprising a microprocessor, a monitoring program and relevant algorithm, which are cured inside a chip), a GPS module, a GSM module, an SIM card reader, an alarming device, a CCD camera, a multi-axis acceleration sensor, a power supply system (a lithium battery, a solar battery and a power supply adapter interface), an integrated circuit board, a shell (comprising a functional plate and a battery cover), an antitheft remote controller, a buckling-type rubbery-prevention remote controller and a power supply adapter. The instrument utilizes the GPS to realize the positioning, displacement bulgur prevention, speed measurement and timing, utilizes GSM to realize the auxiliary positioning and the SMS automatic alarming, utilizes the CCD combination mode to identify and monitor the fatigue driving, robbery and accident state and utilizes the acceleration sensor to detect the accident state. The instrument can realize the functions such as mobile positioning, over-speed alarming, positioning antitheft automatic alarming, positioning robbery-prevention alarming, fatigue driving prevention and warning, traffic accident automatic positioning, alarming and help, and the like.

Pedestrian detection method based on machine vision and pedestrian anti-collision warning system based on machine vision

The invention discloses a pedestrian detection method based on machine vision and a pedestrian anti-collision warning system based on machine vision. The method includes: acquiring an image of a place in front of an automobile, pre-positioning pedestrians in the processed image, judging a pre-positioned pedestrian area to position the pedestrian area accurately, measuring the distance between the pedestrians and the automobile and judging whether the pedestrians are in a dangerous area or not, and warning the pedestrians in the collision dangerous area. The anti-collision warning system comprises an image acquisition unit, a pedestrian positioning unit, a pedestrian distance measuring unit, and a collision possibility analyzing unit. By using a pedestrian classifier to detect the pedestrians on roads, individual characteristics of the pedestrians are blurred, influence of individual differences and illumination to detecting results is reduced, detection efficiency of the pedestrians is improved. The anti-collision warning system is further used to judge possibility of accidents so as to give warning signals to a driver, so that safety of automotive vehicle driving on the roads is improved.

IC full-automatic method for testing brede and full-automatic holding tray type machine for testing brede

The invention discloses an IC automatic detecting braiding method and an automatic pallet type detecting braiding machine, comprising a pallet-transport device, a braiding packing device, a waste materials collecting device. A PC control system and an electrical control system as well as a pallet-separate device are arranged on the front end of the pallet transport device and an empty pallet-collect device is arranged on the back end. The braiding lead direction of the braiding packing device is vertical to the pallet-transport direction of the pallet-transport device. A face side scan device and a back side device for detecting IC as well as a catch-and-put device for catching IC from the pallet are orderly arranged in the transportation range of the pallet-transport device. The catch-and-put device is electrically connected with the PC control system and the electrical control system and is a classification catch-and-put device which can classify the ICs according to the detecting results of the face side scan device and the back side device and then send the eligible ICs to the braiding packing device and the unqualified ICs to the waste materials collecting device. The braiding machine has the advantages of good accuracy and reliability for scanning and detecting, rapid speed for braiding and packing, low composite cost and high production efficiency.

Appearance inspection machine for printed circuit board

The invention provides a testing machine used for testing the appearance of a printing circuit board, comprising a frame which is provided with a transmission mechanism; the front end of the transmission mechanism is provided with an upper plate mechanism; the transmission mechanism is internally provided with two scanning mechanisms; a panel turnover mechanism is arranged between the two scanning mechanisms; the tail part of the transmission mechanism is butt-jointed with a sorting mechanism; and all mechanisms are controlled by control host machines cooperatively. The testing machine adopts a whole-line digital camera photographing technique to detect the defects on the printing circuit such as foreign matter, exposed copper, supplemented oil, scraping, poor gold-plating, character error, non-uniform green oil, non-uniform welding disc, non-uniform depth of channel, residual copper, omitted printing, developing and the like, automatically feeds and sorts the nondefective and waster, improves the simpleness and reliability of the operation, can observe the defects of the board in real-time by adopting a powerful image processing and analysis software system to provide a plurality of image processing and analysis systems, has quick detection speed, high detection efficiency, safe and reliable equipment, simple operation, is convenient and easy to be learned and meets the man-machine interaction.

Epidemic preventing and controlling system for detecting and searching people with abnormal temperatures

InactiveCN101999888APay attention to the epidemic situation in real timeEffective prevention and control informationDiagnostic recording/measuringSensorsScheduling instructionsComputer module
The invention discloses an epidemic preventing and controlling system for detecting and searching people with abnormal temperatures. The system comprises an information acquisition processing module, a communication processing module and a terminal processing module. The information acquisition processing module consists of an infrared detector, a camera and an information acquisition processor, wherein the infrared detector is used for acquiring face temperature information; the camera is used for acquiring face video information; and the information acquisition processor is used to perform motion target division and profile extraction on the face temperature information and the face video information so as to obtain information of people with abnormal temperatures. The communication processing module is used for transmitting the information of the people with the abnormal temperatures to the terminal processing module. The terminal processing module performs real-time dynamic searching of the people with abnormal temperatures in a monitored area and can send scheduling instruction information for giving an epidemic prompt and tracking people and the like. The system of the invention can monitor and recognize the people with abnormal temperatures in the monitored area and accordingly make a correct response and give good warning for coming epidemics, so that even epidemics outbreak, the people with abnormal temperatures can be found at first time and the epidemic preventing efficiency is improved as high as possible.
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