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Targeted and high density drug loaded polymeric materials

Polymeric delivery devices have been developed which combine high loading/high density of molecules to be delivered with the option of targeting. As used herein, “high density” refers to microparticles having a high density of ligands or coupling agents, which is in the range of 1000-10,000,000, more preferably between 10,000 and 1,000,000 ligands per square micron of microparticle surface area. A general method for incorporating molecules into the surface of biocompatible polymers using materials with an HLB of less than 10, more preferably less than 5, such as fatty acids, has been developed. Because of its ease, generality and flexibility, this method has widespread utility in modifying the surface of polymeric materials for applications in drug delivery and tissue engineering, as well other other fields. Targeted polymeric microparticles have also been developed which encapsulate therapeutic compounds such as drugs, cellular materials or components, and antigens, and have targeting ligands directly bound to the microparticle surface. Preferred applications include use in tissue engineering matrices, wound dressings, bone repair or regeneration materials, and other applications where the microparticles are retained at the site of application or implantation. Another preferred application is in the use of microparticles to deliver anti-proliferative agents to the lining of blood vessels following angioplasty, transplantation or bypass surgery to prevent or decrease restenosis, and in cancer therapy. In still another application, the microparticles are used to treat or prevent macular degeneration when administered to the eye, where agents such as complement inhibitors are administered.

Device and method for inhibiting release of pro-inflammatory mediator

Stimulation of one or more neurons of the sympathetic nervous system, including the splenic nerve, to attenuate an immune response, including an inflammatory immune response, is discussed. Devices and systems to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to attenuate an immune response are also discussed. Devices discussed include pulse generators and drug pumps. Systems are described as optionally having one or more sensors and operator instructions. In specific examples, stimulation of the splenic nerve of pigs with a pulse generator is shown to be safe and effective in attenuating a lipopolysaccharide-induced immune response.

Sample Processing System and Methods

The invention relates to a system, comprising: a) a sample processing unit, comprising an input port and an output port coupled to a rotating container having at least one sample chamber, the sample processing unit configured provide a first processing step to a sample or to rotate the container so as to apply a centrifugal force to a sample deposited in the chamber and separate at least a first component and a second component of the deposited sample; and b) a sample separation unit coupled to the output port of the sample processing unit, the cell separation unit comprising separation column holder (42), a pump (64) and a plurality of valves (1-11) configured to at least partially control fluid flow through a fluid circuitry and a separation column (40) positioned in the holder, the separation column configured to separate labeled and unlabeled components of sample flowed through the column.

Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by means of electrical stimulation of the pudendal and associated nerves, and the optional delivery of drugs in association therewith

ActiveUS7328068B2Undesirable side effects of sacral nerve stimulation may be avoided or minimizedUndesirable side-effectDigestive electrodesGenital electrodesDiseaseProstatalgia
Described are implantable devices and methods for treating various disorders of the pelvic floor by means of electrical stimulation of the pudendal or other nerves, and optional means for delivering drugs in association therewith. A method of precisely positioning and implanting a medical electrical lead so as to provide optimal stimulation of the pudendal nerve or a portion thereof is also described. Placement of a stimulation lead next to or on the pudendal nerve may be performed using conventional prior art techniques through gross anatomical positioning, but usually does not result in truly optimal lead placement. One method of the present invention utilizes neurophysiological monitoring to assess the evoked responses of the pudendal nerve, and thereby provide a method for determining the optimal stimulation site. Additionally, one or more electrical stimulation signals are applied, and optionally one or more drugs are infused, injected or otherwise administered, to appropriate portions of a patient's pelvic floor and pudendal nerve or portions thereof in an amount and manner effective to treat a number of disorders, including, but not limited to, urinary and / or fecal voiding dysfunctions such as constipation, incontinence disorders such as urge frequency and urinary retention disorders, sexual dysfunctions such as orgasmic and erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, prostatitis, prostatalgia and prostatodynia.

Method for diagnosing heart disease, predicting sudden death, and analyzing treatment response using multifractal analysis

InactiveUS6993377B2Reducing minimum sizeIncreased analytic detailMedical simulationMedical report generationTest batterySudden death
A method of analyzing electrocardiogram (EKG) data for use in the diagnosis of heart disease, prognosis of cardiac conditions, and the monitoring of heart disease therapies is disclosed. The method utilizes a wavelet-based multifractal analysis with one or more of (1) a discrete wavelet smoothing step to remove the effects of abnormal beats; (2) “Levy flight” analysis to detect the frequency of abnormal beats known to adversely affect the multifractal (MF) analysis; and (3) MF alpha analysis, a multifractal extension of monofractal short term (ST) alpha analysis. The invention further comprises an EKG test battery comprising Levy flight anomalous beat/beat cluster screening, followed by (ST) MF alpha analysis and MF Holder analysis (when validated by the Levy flight analysis). The wavelet smoothing step can also be used to classify human EKGs by observing the effect of sequential smoothing on the MF Holder coefficient. Alternative choices to the wavelet smoothing approach to removal of abnormal beat effects include probability distribution function analysis to determine the MF Holder coefficient directly, abnormal beat ridge skeleton removal to remove the offending beats based on a direct multifractal spectrum calculation, and the calculation of various types of entropy coefficients for the EKG time series.

Demibodies: dimerization-activated therapeutic agents

InactiveUS20090130106A1Enhance target specificityReduce riskAntibacterial agentsAntibody mimetics/scaffoldsAntigenPathogen
The present invention relates generally to a set of synthetic immunointeractive molecules referred to herein as “demibodies” which are useful in targeting particular cells in a subject. More particularly, the present invention provides a set of demibodies wherein at least two molecules from within the set, each specific for a different antigen on a target cell, are required to interact together at the cell surface in order to form an active complex which directs demibody-mediated cellular or complement mediated cytotoxicity and / or reporter function and / or therapeutic activity. The demibodies of the present invention are useful in the targeting of particular cells such as cancer cells including leukemic cells, pathogens including malarial, bacterial and viral agents, and stem cells including embryonic and adult stem cells and pathogen cells. The present invention provides, therefore, methods of treatment, diagnosis and undertaking research and compositions comprising demibodies useful for same.
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