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A chronic skin disease which results in scaly, often itchy areas in patches.

Chinese herbal preparation for treating posirasis and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a Chinese herbal preparation for treating posirasis, which adopts 58 raw medicinal materials such as astragalus root, suberect spatholobus stem, Job stears, glabrous greenbrierrhizome, spreading hedyotis herb, barbed skullcap herb, motherwort herb and the like to manufacture oral agent and abrasive cleaner. The manufacturing method of the invention is as follows: 1. manufacturing by using the above raw material medicines into water-decocted liquid according to the conventional method; 2. manufacturing by using the water-decocted liquid which is manufactured in step 1 into oral liquid according to the conventional method; 3. drying, grinding and sieving the water-decocted liquid which is manufactured in step 1, and taking the throughs as powder; and 4. manufacturinginto powder tablets, granular formulation, medicinal granules or capsules by utilizing step 3 according to the conventional method. The powder and the abrasive cleaner can be manufactured by the following steps: 1. grinding the above raw material medicines; 2. sieving; and 3. taking the throughs, disinfecting and sterilizing to obtain the powder. The invention has high cure rate, low recurrence rate, can treat the primary and the secondary aspects at the same time, is safe and reliable, and can strengthen the autoimmunity. The invention mainly treats various types of posirasis, can treat neurodermatitis, comedo, acne and eczema concurrently, and has effects on lupus erythematosus, syphilis, lepra and skin cancer.
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