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Such therapeutic effect of fungicides is usually referred as "curative effect" or "curative activity". Theoretically, fungicidal activity on a fungal parasite within the plant can result in pathogen's eradicatio n, i.e. the elimination of the pathogen from the host.

Method for predicting the onset or change of a medical condition

InactiveUS20050119534A1Minimizes adverse reactionMaximize therapeutic responseDrug and medicationsSurgeryMedical recordCost effectiveness
Nonlinear generalized dynamic regression analysis system and method of the present invention preferably uses all available data at all time points and their measured time relationship to each other to predict responses of a single output variable or multiple output variables simultaneously. The present invention, in one aspect, is a system and method for predicting whether an intervention administered to a patient changes the physiological, pharmacological, pathophysiological, or pathopsychological state of the patient with respect to a specific medical condition. The present invention uses the theory of martingales to derive the probabilistic properties for statistical evaluations. The approach uniquely models information in the following domains: (1) analysis of clinical trials and medical records including efficacy, safety, and diagnostic patterns in humans and animals, (2) analysis and prediction of medical treatment cost-effectiveness, (3) the analysis of financial data, (4) the prediction of protein structure, (5) analysis of time dependent physiological, psychological, and pharmacological data, and any other field where ensembles of sampled stochastic processes or their generalizations are accessible. A quantitative medical condition evaluation or medical score provides a statistical determination of the existence or onset of a medical condition.

Chinese medicinal preparation for treating bone fracture and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese medicinal preparation for treating bone fracture, which is prepared from 84 raw medicinal materials such as radix astragali, Chinese angelica, rehmanniae vaporata, rehmanniae praeparatum, suberect spatholobus stem, human placenta and the like. The medicament can be made into an oral preparation and external application preparation. A preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing an aqueous extract of the raw medicinal materials, and preparing an oral solution and a spraying agent from the aqueous extract; and preparing extracting pulvis from the aqueous extract, and preparing granules, pills, medicinal granules, tablets or capsules from the extracting pulvis. Raw medicinal powder also can be ground into raw powder pulvis which can be prepared into the granules, the pills, the medicinal granules, the tablets or the capsules, or the raw powder pulvis is prepared into external application ointment. In addition, the raw medicinal materials also can be infused to form medicinal liquor. The Chinese medicinal preparation has good curative effect on bone fracture diseases of different types, is mainly used for treating different types of fracture, muscles and bones breakage, traumatic injury, new and old incised wound and gunshot wound, bleeding and blood stasis which are caused by traumatism and other symptoms, and has the obvious curative effect on rheumatoid arthritis. The Chinese medicinal preparation is prepared from pure Chinese medicaments, and has convenient use, safety, reliability, no toxic or side effect and long-term use.

Oral administration Chinese traditional medicine for treating acne and preparing method thereof

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine for treating acne through oral administration and is prepared by more than fifty traditional Chinese medicinal materials of gamene, broom cypress fruit, cortex dictamni, and so on; moreover, the invention is added with proper amount of pangolin so as to strengthen the effect of pus evacuation. According to the traditional Chinese theory of clearing away heat and toxic material, clearing lung heat, invigorating the spleen, relieving dyspepsia, promoting qi, removing dampness, dispelling wind, arresting itching, strengthening interior, relieving superficies, activating blood circulation, cooling the blood, removing stagnation, dredging the collaterals, resisting bacterium and diminishing inflammation, the invention makes use of the synergetic effect of the components to treat acne. The medicine for oral administration has short treatment course, stable curative effect and no recurrence; mild acne can be cured in about 30 days, moderate acne about 45 days and severe acne about 60 days; through the clinical observation of 100 cases of patients with acne, the effective rate of the invention can be 100 percent and the cure rate thereof can reach 62 percent; therefore the invention solves the problems of long treatment course, insignificant curative effect, easy recurrence and certain side effect on the human body in the existing medicines used for treating acne. .

Chinese medicinal preparation for treating prostate disease and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese medicinal preparation for treating a prostate disease, which is a medicament prepared from 70 raw material medicaments such as ginseng, deerhorn glue, medicinal indianmulberry root, common curculigo rhizome and the like. The medicament can be prepared into oral liquid, granules, powder, capsules, electuary, tablets or pills. A preparation method of the medicament comprises the following steps of: (1) preparing water extracting solution by the raw material medicaments; (2) preparing oral liquid by the water extracting solution; (3) drying, crushing and sieving the water extracting solution, and taking screening as medicinal extracting powder; and (4) preparing tablets, granules, pills or capsules from the medicinal extracting powder. The preparation method also can comprise the following steps of: (1) crushing and sieving the raw material medicaments, and taking the screening as medicinal powder; (2) disinfecting and sterilizing the medicinal powder to obtain raw powder; and (3) preparing tablets, granules, pills, electuary or capsules from raw powder. The adopted raw material medicaments are common Chinese medicaments, so the Chinese medicinal preparation has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, and nearly no toxic or side effects. The medicament has good curative effects on prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy and prostatomegaly, and has obvious effect on prostate cancers.

Physiological regulator for maternal animals, and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a special physiological regulator for maternal animals, and a preparation method thereof, and belongs to the field of feed additive. A technical scheme of the physiological regulator comprises: carrying out crushing and screening for dandelion, leonurus, licorice root and angelica; adding soybean meal and/or wheat bran; adding water to carry out immersing; adjusting pH value of the resulting mixture; carrying out a sterilization; inoculating probiotics to carry out a fermentation after cooling, followed by stoving after completing the fermentation to obtain the physiological regulator. With the prepared physiological regulator for the maternal animals, immunity and disease resistance of the maternal animals are raised, incidence rate of genital system infection is effectively reduced, feed inversion rate is increased, mammogenesis is improved, milk yield is raised, incidence rate of mammitis is reduced, and milk quality is improved. The physiological regulator has characteristics of quick onset, stable and reliable effect, no toxic and side-effect, no pollution, no residue, and no drug resistance generating, and meets requirements of safe feed additive and assurance of foods of animal origin. In addition, the physiological regulator for the maternal animals can be adopted as a veterinary drug through raising using dosage of the physiological regulator, and provides a substantial curative effect for prevention and cure of the mammitis.

Chinese medicinal preparation for treating diabetes and preparation methods thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese medicinal preparation for treating the diabetes, which is prepared from 47 raw material medicaments in part by weight: astragalus, siberian solomonseal rhizome, common yam rhizome, cornus fruit and the like. A preparation method 1 for the Chinese medicinal preparation comprises the following steps: (1) preparing aqueous extract of the raw material medicaments; (2) preparing oral liquid from the aqueous extract; (3) drying and crashing the aqueous extract obtained by the step (1), and passing the powders through a screen to prepare medicament extract powders; and (4) preparing tablets, granules, pills, soluble granules or capsules with the medicament extraction powders. A preparation method 2 for the Chinese medicinal preparation comprises the following steps: (1) drying fresh pig pancreas and grinding the fresh pig pancreas into powders; (2) crushing other raw material medicaments, passing the powder through a screen to prepare medicament powders; (3) uniformly mixing the pig pancreas powders and the medicament powders, disinfecting and sterilizing to obtain raw powders; and (4) preparing oral tablets, granules, pills, soluble granules or capsules with the raw powders. Based on the principle of monarch, subject, assistant and envoy, the medicament of the invention has synergistic effect, addresses both the symptoms and root causes, has better curative effect on the diabetes, and has obvious effect of treating serious diabetes. The raw medicinal materials adopted by the Chinese medicinal preparation are common Chinese medicaments, have low production cost and have no toxic or side effects basically.

Medical diagnosis system based on big data

A medical diagnosis system based on big data comprises a diagnosis and treatment scheme database.Information of the diagnosis and treatment scheme database and information of a patient inspection result are combined and transmitted to a prescription generation module.The prescription generation module transmits the information to a patient drug-use module.The patient drug-use module transmits the information to an information feedback module.The information feedback module transmits the information to the diagnosis and treatment scheme database.The patient inspection result can also be transmitted to a patient information base.The diagnosis and treatment scheme database and the patient information base transmit the information to a hospital information system.The big data technology is utilized for building the diagnosis and treatment scheme data, the prescription generation module can synthesize all inspection result data and automatically give out prescription or treatment schemes, drug effect conflicts or drug-use contraindication among drugs can be avoided, curative effect feedback information of a patient is included, communications between a doctor and the patient can be increased, more treatment reference information can be given to the doctor, the patient can go to the doctor conveniently, and medical accidents can be reduced.

Traditional chinese medicine composition for curing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

InactiveCN101181600AElimination of clinical symptomsGet rid of painPowder deliveryHeavy metal active ingredientsBaical Skullcap RootWHITE MUSTARD SEED
The invention relates to a Chinese medical compound for curing cardiovascular disease, and is prepared by the following raw medicines: green tangerine peel, bupleurum, nutgrass galingale rhizome, turmeric root-tuber, pittosporm root, gentiana scabra bge, black nightshade herb, gambir plant, tuber fleeceflower root broil, radix astragali, cassia twig, ageratum, plantain seed, south dodder seed, red paeony root, szechuan lovage rhizome, kudzuvine root, malaytea scurfpea fruit, danshen root, hawthorn, safflower, pericarpium trichosanthis, blackberrykiky rhizome, tree peony bark, india madder root, dangshen, sojutsu var broil, indian buead, chicken's gizzard-membrane, combined spicebush root, cinnamon, baical skullcap root, ephedra herb, chinese magnoliavine fruit, fragrant solomonseal rhizome, radix stemonae broil, pinellia tuber broil, white mustard seed, nodakenin, sandalwood, rosewood heart wood, longstamen onion bulb, angelica, clematis root, kadsura pepper stem, ovientvine, herb pyrolae, desertliving cistanche, hairy antler, medicinal indianmulberry root, barbary wolfberry fruit, glossy privet fruit, dogwood, rhizoma anemarrhenae, amur corktree bark, spina date seed, platycladi seed, pubescent holly root, thinleaf milkwort root-bark broil, grassleaf sweelflag rhizome, silktree albizzia bark, twotooth achyranthes root, paris polyphylla, chinese date, oriental waterplantain rhizome, songaria cynomorium herb, papermulberry fruit, leech, cortex lycii radicis, earthworm, lucid ganoderma, glabrous greenbrier rhizome, magnetic stone dust, and longhairy antenoron herb with smallleaves. The invention has good curing effects on the applicable diseases.

Preparation of degradable pollutant polyalcohol stephanoporate microballoons and uses thereof

A preparation method for porous microspheres of a biodegradable polymer is provided. The method comprises the following steps: (a) dissolving a biodegradable polymer in an organic solvent to form an oil phase of 1-30% (g/ml) concentration; (b) selecting a pore-forming agent 1-50% of the biodegradable polymer in the step (a) and dissolving the pore-forming agent in water to form an internal water phase; (c) adding dropwise the internal water phase into the oil phase at a volume ratio of (1-30):100, and stirring to form a primary emulsion; (d) preparing a polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution of 0.5-10% (g/ml) concentration, which serves as an external water phase; (e) pouring the primary emulsion into the external water phase at a volume ratio of (3-30):100, stirring or performing ultrasonic treatment to form a double-emulsion, and allowing the polymer in the double-emulsion to solidify, thereby forming microspheres; (f) freeze-drying the microspheres to obtain the final product. The obtained porous microspheres of the biodegradable polymer have high porosity, large specific surface area and good adsorption and encapsulation properties; and are used for the adsorption and encapsulation of unstable protein drugs, polypeptide drugs and growth factors and can retain pharmaceutical activity and effectiveness thereof.

Chinese medicine composite for treating chronic gastritis and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a Chinese medicine composite for treating chronic gastritis and a preparation method thereof. The Chinese medicine composite mainly comprises the following active pharmaceutical ingredients: medicated leaven, fructus hordei germinatus, radish seed, pericarpium citri reticulatae, rhizoma cyperi, rhizoma dioscoreae, fructus aurantii immaturus, jobstears seed, lignum dalbergiae odoriferae, grassleaf sweetflag rhizome, cortex magnoliae officinalis, styrax, tuckahoe, fructus amomi, radix et rhizoma rhei, semen pruni, radix trichosanthis, rhizoma coptidis, honeysuckle flower, dandelion, radix scrophulariae, largehead atractylodes rhizome, radix paeoniae alba, medicated leaven, radix angelicae sinensis and rhizoma corydalis, and the like. The Chinese medicine composite can be prepared to be any common oral preparation according to the conventional Chinese medicine preparation method. The Chinese medicine composite can obviously improve gas pain in the gastric cavity, decreased food appetite, fullness after dinner, sour regurgitation, stuffiness in chest and abdomen, heartburn, feverish dysphoria, gastric upset, fatigue, dry pharynx, stomach ache due to too hungry and full, infantile atrophy and the like, which has definite clinical effect, obvious curative effect and fast desired effect. The Chinese medicine composite also has the advantages of low cost, basically no toxic side effect and the like.

Curcumin-polysaccharide conjugate as well as preparation method and application thereof

The invention relates to a curcumin-polysaccharide conjugate as well as a preparation method and application thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: grafting amino acid at one terminal of a diamine compound to polysaccharide through amidation to obtain a polysaccharide macromolecule with a free terminal of amino acid; and introducing curcumin on the polysaccharide frame by a Schiff base reaction. The preparation method is characterized in that 1, the water solubility and in-vivo and in-vitro stability of the curcumin can be improved due to grafting modification on the curcumin, and the generated curcumin-polysaccharide conjugate can be used as a novel macromolecular medicament indepterminalently; 2, the curcumin-polysaccharide conjugate has a strong oral absorption promoting effect, is high in safety, and can achieve the effects of promoting medicament absorption, improving the curative effect, reducing the toxic and side effect of the conjugate and the like; and 3, the amphipathy of the polysaccharide molecule is improved by introducing the hydrophobic group curcumin, so that the curcumin-polysaccharide conjugate can be self-assembled into nano-micelle, and can be used as a vector of an insoluble medicament. The preparation method is simple, low in cost, and applicable to large-scale continuous production.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating apoplectic hemiplegia and general paralysis

The invention aims to provide a traditional Chinese medicine for treating apoplectic hemiplegia and general paralysis. The traditional Chinese medicine comprises the raw materials of dozens of animal medicines and plant medicines such as gardenia, white atractylodes rhizome, radix bupleuri, green tangerine peel, tangerine peel, peach kernel, almond, mastic, myrrh, rhizoma sparganii, rhizoma zedoariae, spatholobus stem, radix notoginseng, calamus, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, rhubarb, turmeric, buffalo horn, muscardine silkworm, cornu antelopis, ox gadfly, white grub, jiashu, eupolyphaga, earthworm, leech, succinum, scorpio, centipede, draconis sanguis, pearl, borneol, realgar, cinnabar, long-noded pit viper, black-tail snake, long-noded pit viper, cicada slough and the like. The medicines are pulverized and prepared into medicinal granules, tablets, oral liquid, honeyed pills, water-bindered pills and capsules. The traditional Chinese medicine is quantitatively taken on time and can be used for promoting blood circulation, relieving the stasis of blood, expanding the blood vessels, improving the blood circulation of the brain, inducing the functional recovery of the brain, regulating the function of each system of a human body comprehensively and reinforcing the stress resistance and the tolerance of the human body, so that the curative effect is good, the total effective rate reaches 100%, and the cure rate reaches 100%. The invention is suitable for various patients suffering from the apoplectic hemiplegia and the general paralysis.
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