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Elderly health monitoring and management system based on mobile Internet

InactiveCN104102801AImprove the quality of lifeComprehensive pension and health information servicesDiagnostic recording/measuringSensorsElderly healthMobile end
The invention relates to an elderly health monitoring and management system based on the mobile Internet. The elderly health monitoring and management system comprises an intelligent mobile terminal, medical diagnosis equipment, a biological characteristic reader, a wrist watch and an elderly health condition monitoring cloud platform, wherein the medical diagnosis equipment, the biological characteristic reader and the wrist watch are respectively connected with the intelligent mobile terminal through Bluetooth, and the elderly health condition monitoring cloud platform is connected with the intelligent mobile terminal through a wireless network; the medical diagnosis equipment comprises an electronic blood pressure meter, an electronic blood glucose meter, an electronic oximeter and an electronic electrocardiogram instrument, the wrist watch is provided with a gravity sensor, a pulse sensor and a pedometer, the intelligent mobile terminal is provided with a two-dimensional code verification system and a mobile electronic health archive system, and the elderly health condition monitoring cloud platform is used for querying and processing the health information of the elderly and assessing the health status and comprises a data processing server and a database server. According to the elderly health monitoring and management system based on the mobile Internet, through realizing the seamless connection of intelligent elderly care, health information and services are provided for the elderly all the time, the quality of life of the elderly is improved by technological means, and comprehensive and accurate elderly care health information service is provided for the elderly and children thereof.

Internet of Things intelligent control method and Internet of Things intelligent control system based on user perception

The invention discloses an Internet of Things intelligent control method and an Internet of Things intelligent control system based on user perception. The Internet of Things intelligent control method is characterized in that all users in a target area can be identified, and according to preset user priority levels, the user having the highest priority level is defined as the target user, and then the control parameters corresponding to the target user can be acquired, and the working state of the specified Internet of Things device can be controlled according to the control parameters; the Internet of Things intelligent control system comprises a user perception module, a target user selection module, a control parameter acquisition module, and a device control module. Various Internet of Things devices in the room are provided with the capability of perceiving the users, and can be used to provide the services to the users automatically based on the own responsibilities and functions according to the moving conditions of the users, and then the irrelevant relation between the working conditions of various devices in the room and the moving conditions of the users can be changed, and the living quality of the people can be improved.

Medicament for treating lung cancer

The invention relates to a medicament, in particular to a medicament for treating lung cancer, which solves the problem of inapparent curative effect of the conventional medicaments for treating the lung cancer. The medicament comprises is prepared from the following raw materials by conventional method: mongolian dandelion herb, centipede, scorpion, rhizoma pleionis, black nightshade herb, bittersweet herb, sun euphorbia herb, Indian mockstrawberry herb, toad venom, sarcandra glabra, green tangerine peel, Indian buead, oriental waterplantain rhizome, szechwon tangshen root, villous amomum fruit, plantain seed, glossy ganoderma, honeysuckle flower, weeping forsythiae capsule, chicken's gizzard-membrane, largehead atractylodes rhizome, immature bitter orange, glossy privet fruit, radix astragali, Chinese atractylodes rhizome, katsumade galangal seed, Chinese sage herb, radix asparagi, blackberrykiky rhizome, cassia twig, Chinese magnoliavine fruit, semen armeniacae amarum, radix scutellariae, common coltsfoot flower, bulbus fritillariae thunbergii, radix glycyrrhizae preparata, peach seed, danshen root, rosewood heart wood, szechuan lovage rhizome, sessile stemona root, pinellia tuber, tatarian aster root, snakegourd fruit, red paeony root, perilla fruit, radish seed, pepperweed seed, greenish lily bulb, scorch-fried crataegus, scorch-fried medicated leaven, hordeum vulgare, longstamen onion bulb, eucommia bark, south dodder seed, tangerine peel, costustoot, nutgrass galingale rhizome, heartleaf houttuynia herb, indigowoad root, dwarf lilyturf tuber, coastal glehnia root, virgate wormwood herb, hairyvein agrimonia herb and bud and spreading hedyotis herb.

Intelligent home system

InactiveCN103149902AConvenience to followImprove life experienceProgramme total factory controlLife qualityControl system
The invention discloses an intelligent home system comprising a central controller, an electric appliance control system, a damp-proof system, an information receiving module, a video collecting system, a crawler detecting system, an input circuit and an alarm apparatus, wherein the central controller is used for receiving a user demand instruction and information uploaded by each branch control system and controlling the operation of corresponding branch control systems, and is communicated with a cloud server; the electric appliance control system is used for controlling the state of each electric appliance in home; the damp-proof system is used for detecting the humidity and the temperature of the home; the information receiving module is used for receiving operation short messages sent by a user through a mobile terminal; the video collecting system is used for collecting home states; the crawler detecting system is used for detecting whether crawlers exist in corners of rooms according to the change of a magnetic field; the central controller is connected with the input circuit; and the central controller is further connected with the alarm apparatus. According to the intelligent home system disclosed by the invention, the user can conveniently pay close attention to the home states at any time when going out so that the intelligent home system is of convenience for the user, has wide applicability, can also achieve an active alarm effect; and through the intelligent home system, the user has excellent life experience and higher living quality at home.

CIK cell, as well as preparation method and cell preparation thereof

The invention discloses a CIK cell, as well as a preparation method and a cell preparation thereof. The method for preparing the CIK cell comprises the following steps: placing a separated mononuclear cell in a culture fluid containing phytohemagglutinin; transplanting the mononuclear cell into a culture flask enveloped by antiCD3 monoclonal antibody and antiCD28 monoclonal antibody after the cell is cultured for 24 to 72 hours; and adding a culture fluid containing IL-1alpha and IL-2 into the culture flask to keep on culturing for 5 to 15 days, and separating the cells into different flasks to be cultured every 2 to 3 days. The CIK cell prepared by the method has the characteristics of obvious improved cell proliferation, great increase of CD8 cell proportion, wide antineoplastic spectrum and strengthened antineoplastic activity. The CIK cell and the cell preparation can effectively prevent the metastasis and the recrudescence for of postoperative patients with tumor, can be combined with chemicotherapy to effectively reduce toxic and side effects of the chemicotherapy, strengthens the survivability tolerance of the patients to improve healing efficacy, and can obviously prolong lifecycle to of end-stage patients so as to improve the life living quality.
Owner:上海德嘉生物科技有限公司 +1

Polylactic acid-based composite material surgical medical film and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a polylactic acid-based composite material surgical medical film and a preparation method thereof. By adopting electrostatic spinning equipment and exploring proper technological parameters, different types of polylactic acid-based composite material macromolecular fiber thin films are finally formed and are applied to the field of biomedicine. In addition, by regulating and controlling composition of a macromolecular composite material system and thickness of an electro-spinning thin film, the surgical medical film which has good flexibility, high tensile strength, controllable degradation rate as well as excellent waterproof, antibacterial and air permeable performances is obtained finally. The surgical medical film is applicable to the field of various biomedicines such as healing film, wound surface dressing and anti-adhesion medicine; the medical film not only can be better adhered to tissues and avoid biotoxicity, but also can effectively promote transmission functions of blood, nutrients and growth factors in a human body due to the nature of semipermeable membrane. The process of the invention is simple and environment-friendly; the preparation method is easy to operate, low in cost, applicable to large-scale production and good in controllability, and is expected to be widely applied to various medical fields.

One-button type intelligent device management system and control method based on gravity sensing

The invention provides a one-button type intelligent device management system based on gravity sensing. The system comprises a mobile terminal, a unified far-end server and an intelligent device set. The method further provides a one-button type intelligent device control method based on gravity sensing. The method includes the steps that a user sets operation and/or message prompt as one application scenario through the mobile terminal and meanwhile presets conditions and operation instructions for triggering and controlling an intelligent device, and then combinations are triggered and controlled by shaking the mobile terminal; the far-end server initiatively and intelligently manages household devices and meanwhile sends related prompt messages according to device running state information and surrounding information. The one-button type intelligent device management system and the control method based on gravity sensing solve the problems that devices need to be controlled one by one in existing intelligent homes, the existing intelligent homes are troublesome in operation, not friendly enough to the user and consumes time; the home devices are combined into a whole, one-button type device management is achieved, operation and use are greatly facilitated for the user, and living quality is improved.

Variable-rigidity pneumatic flexible mechanical hand capable of realizing equal-length movement

InactiveCN107397650AImprove securitySolve the problem that the stiffness is too small and the rehabilitation effect is not obviousDiagnosticsChiropractic devicesControl mannerEngineering
The invention discloses a variable-rigidity pneumatic flexible mechanical hand capable of realizing equal-length movement. The variable-rigidity pneumatic flexible mechanical hand comprises a glove comprising an upper-layer structure and a lower-layer structure, and five flexible fingers which are adhered to the upper layer of the glove and respectively provided with power cavities and variable-rigidity cavities, wherein the lower layer of the glove is used for being worn by a user. Each flexible finger is connected with a driving device through an air pipe, the driving device decodes a collected electroencephalogram signal of the user, an electromagnetic valve and a proportional valve are then controlled to realize the charge and discharge of air pressure and the adjustment on the negative pressure, so that active control for the flexible fingers is realized, and the equal-length movement under the confrontation mode is achieved. For the variable-rigidity pneumatic flexible mechanical hand, a super-elastic flexible material is adopted, so that the safety is greatly improved, meanwhile, the variable-rigidity cavities capable of realizing rigidity change are also added, so that the problem that the rigidity of the pure flexible fingers is too small, and thus the rehabilitation effect is not obvious is solved, the rehabilitation mode is enriched, and the variable-rigidity pneumatic flexible mechanical hand is particularly suitable for rehabilitation use of patients with hand dysfunction. The variable-rigidity pneumatic flexible mechanical hand is low in cost and light in weight, and is soft and comfortable, and a control mode of decoding the electroencephalogram signal realizes good interaction with the patients.
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