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Dual packet configuration for wireless communications

A dual packet configuration for wireless communications including a first portion that is modulated according to a serial modulation and a second portion that is modulated according to a parallel modulation. The serial modulation may be DSSS whereas the parallel modulation may be OFDM. The first portion may include a header, which may further include an OFDM mode bit and a length field indicating the duration the second portion. The first portion may be in accordance with 802.11b to enable dual mode devices to coexist and communicate in the same area as standard 802.11b devices. The dual mode devices can communicate at different or higher data rates without interruption from the 802.11b devices. The packet configuration may include an OFDM signal symbol which further includes a data rate section and a data count section. In this manner, data rates the same as or similar to the 802.11a data rates may be specified between dual mode devices. The first and second portions may be based on the same or different clock fundamentals. For OFDM, the number of subcarriers, pilot tones and guard interval samples may be modified independently or in combination to achieve various embodiments. Also, data subcarriers may be discarded and replaced with pilot tones for transmission. The receiver regenerates the discarded data based on received data, such as using ECC techniques.

Mis-Matched Modulation-Demodulation Format Selectable Filters

Modulation-demodulation format selectable (MFS) processor, cross-correlator and transmit filter for processing, cross-correlating and filtering in-phase and quadrature-phase baseband signal and providing a first bit rate and a second bit rate baseband signal to a modulator and a transmitter for modulation and transmission of the processed filtered baseband signal. Transmit amplifier operated in a first radio frequency (RF) band for amplification of the first bit rate modulated signal and a second RF amplifier operated in a second RF band for amplification of the second bit rate modulated signal. Switch for selecting the first or the second bit rate or first or second modulation format signal and providing selected signal to a transmitter. Receiver for receiving transmitted signal. Demodulator and demodulator filter mismatched to transmit baseband filter. Receive processor for receiving and processing quadrature demodulator demodulated baseband filtered signal and for providing first and second format cross-correlated in-phase and quadrature-phase baseband signal. Time division multiplex (TDM) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) processor and transmit baseband filter for processing, filtering and providing TDM and OFDM processed and filtered signal to a modulator, transmitter and receiver. Receiver and demodulator for demodulating and baseband filtering received modulated TDM signal. Demodulator of TDM signal has a demodulator baseband filter which is mismatched to the transmit baseband filter and provides demodulated baseband mismatched filtered cross-correlated in-phase and quadrature-phase signal.
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