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GPS and non GPS position finder, emergency, MIMO, spread spectrum, CDMA, GSM and OFDM

Global Positioning System (GPS) and non GPS position finder, emergency, multiple input multiple output (MIMO), multimode, spread spectrum, code division multiple access (CDMA), Global Mobile System or Global System Mobile (GSM) and orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) communication systems. Position finder and emergency communication multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system and a receiver having multiple inputs for reception and demodulation of position finder signals to position finder baseband signals. A processor for processing position finder signals with a signal containing an emergency number. A processors for processing signals to provide cross-correlated shaped in-phase and quadrature-phase baseband signals, spread spectrum and OFDM baseband signals. A control unit for control and selection of one of the jointly processed signals and a selector for providing the selected signal to a modulator. A modulator for modulating the selected signal and for connecting the modulated signal to a multiple output signal transmitter for signal transmission. A demodulator connected to the emergency receiver for demodulation of the modulation format selectable (MFS) and bit rate agile (BRA) modulated signal with at least one demodulator filter which has a mis-match with the corresponding filter of the modulator.

Method and systems for real-time active refinement of search results

A computer utility for any kind of search engine or data that provides a graphical user interface for displaying search results and live refinement of the results, by automatic changing and/or offer to change the results list in real time, according to the user's demonstrated navigational interests.
The graphical user interface includes resizable windows, configured to display the contents of the links (“keyhole windows”) The search results list may be dynamically altered by real time re-searching according to the reaction of and browsing movements of the user examining the search results. In the keyhole windows users may independently browse through and view content contained therein including links.
This invention detects user intention based upon its viewing and browsing of linked websites inside the keyhole windows. Thus, the user can more easily browse through the most relevant websites for him.
This invention may also support viewing and browsing through any kind of links content which may be found in other software programs for example, e-mails, games, advertising, web search results, data bases, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) or index lists giving real-time re-searching of any kind of search results or index lists thereby making the user's search more efficient and time saving.
In the case of advertising, the user will be presented with selected advertising more suitable to his needs and desires and the advertiser will catch an audience with an initial sympathy towards the product being advertised.

Isomerization clinical medical information shared system and method

InactiveCN101452503AExpand coverageThe description is close to the real situationSpecial data processing applicationsIsomerizationDocument preparation
The invention discloses a system and a method for sharing isomerous clinic medical information. The system comprises a terminology module, a document template generating module, a document management module and a database for storing clinic data, wherein the terminology module, the document template generating module, the document management module and the database are connected with each other in turn; the terminology module is used for normalizing terminologies used in shared documents; the document template generating module is used for defining composition elements of standard clinic data documents and relations between various elements, automatically generating a document template, and collecting and managing metadata; and the document management module is used for managing the documents, wherein users manage the medical documents through the document management module, and perform input, correction and query operations and transmission and sharing of the documents. The system and the method realize automatic generation of the standard clinic documents through a clinic data dictionary and a standard document generation device, and finally establish a complete clinic document database through mapping to manage and share the standard clinic documents.
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