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Method and a measuring circuit for determining temperature from a PN junction temperature sensor, and a temperature sensing circuit comprising the measuring circuit and a PN junction

A switched current temperature sensing circuit (1) comprises a measuring transistor (Q1) which is located remotely of a measuring circuit (5) which applies three excitation currents (I1,I2,I3) of different values to the measuring transistor (Q1) in a predetermined current sequence along lines (10,11). Resulting base/emitter voltages from the measuring transistor (Q1) are applied to the measuring circuit (5) along the same two lines (10,11) as the excitation currents are applied to the measuring transistor (Q1). Voltage differences ΔVbe of successive base/emitter voltages resulting from the excitation currents are integrated in an integrating circuit (36) of the measuring circuit (5) to provide an output voltage indicative of the temperature of the measuring transistor (Q1). By virtue of the fact that the measuring transistor (Q1) is excited by excitation currents of three different values, the effect of current path series resistance in the lines (10,11) on the output voltage indicative of temperature is eliminated. The predetermined current sequence in which the excitation currents are applied to the measuring transistor (Q1) is selected to minimize the voltages in the integrating circuit (36) during integration of the voltage differences ΔVbe.

Stabilization system for sensors on moving platforms

ActiveUS20110175604A1Improve mass balanceSmall biasAcceleration measurementFrequency analysisRotational stabilityAir bearing
A stabilized field sensor apparatus collects field data, in particular magnetic field data, with reduced motion noise. The apparatus includes a tear drop shaped housing, a tow frame in the housing, a plurality of vibration isolating dampers spaced around the frame, a base assembly mounted to the dampers, a support pedestal having a bottom end fixed to the base assembly and an upper free end, a single spherical air bearing connected to the upper free end of the pedestal, an instrument platform with a lower hollow funnel having an upper inside apex supported on the air bearing for a one point support, principal and secondary gyro stabilizers for maintaining pivotal and rotational stability, and at least one field sensor mounted to the instrument platform for collecting the field data while being stabilized against motion noise including vibration, pivoting and rotation from the base assembly, from the tow frame and from the housing. Stabilization of the instrument platform is enhanced by preserving accurate balance through a dynamic balancing system whereby small masses are moved under computer control to maintain the center of mass of the instrument platform at the center of rotation of the spherical air bearing. The dynamic stabilization process is made more precise by actively vibrating the instrument platform by a set of linear vibrators.

Advanced real-time grid monitoring system and method

This invention deals with an advanced Real-time Grid Monitoring System (RTGMS) suitable for both single-phase and three-phase electric power systems. This invention provides an essential signal processing block to be used as a part of complex systems either focused on supervising and diagnosing power systems or devoted to control power processors interacting with the grid. This invention is based on a new algorithm very suitable for real-time characterization of the grid variables under distorted and unbalanced grid conditions. The main characteristic of this invention is the usage of a frequency-locked loop, based on detecting the grid frequency, for synchronizing to the grid variables. It results in a very robust system response in relation to existing technique based on the phase-angle detection since grid frequency is much more stable variable than the grid voltage/current phase-angle, mainly during grid faults. Moreover, the algorithm supporting this invention is very efficient and can be implemented in regular industrial microprocessors. These features make the RTGMS object of this invention ideal to be applied in the control of distributed generation systems (DGS), flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), power quality conditioners (PQC) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In all these systems, the fast and precise real time detection of the voltage and/or current sequence components under grid fault conditions is a crucial matter.

Test system and test method

The invention provides a test system and a test method. The testing system comprises a test fixture, a test device and a differential tunable matching network, wherein the test fixture is provided with a bearing structure for loading a chip to be tested and a test port electrically connected to the chip to be tested; the test device comprises a radio frequency signal source, a receiving unit and a processing and display unit; the radio frequency signal source is provided with at least one radio frequency test port; the receiving unit is used for at least receiving a reflected signal and a transmitted signal which are generated after a radio frequency signal passes through the chip to be tested; the processing and display unit is used for processing the received radio frequency signal and displaying the processed signal; and the differential tunable matching network is provided with an input port and a differential output port and is used for tuning the impedance of a load end including the chip to be tested to make the impedance of the load end matched with the internal resistance of the test device and providing the test device to measure the characteristic of the chip to be detected in the test fixture. Compared with the prior art, the invention has the advantages that: the differential tunable matching network is provided for realizing impedance matching, the test system and the test method are easy and convenient to operate, and a more accurate test result can be acquired.
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