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High-resolution, three-dimensional whole body ultrasound imaging system

This invention incorporates the techniques of geophysical technology into medical imaging. Ultrasound waves are generated from multiple, simultaneous sources tuned for maximum penetration, resolution, and image quality. Digitally recorded reflections from throughout the body are combined into a file available for automated interpretation and wavelet attribute analyses. Unique points within the object are imaged from multiple positions for signal-to-noise enhancement and wavelet velocity determinations. This system describes gaining critical efficiencies by reducing equation variables to known quantities. Sources and receivers are locked in invariant, known positions. Statistically valid measurements of densities and wavelet velocities are combined with object models and initial parameter assumptions. This makes possible three-dimensional images for viewing manipulation, mathematical analyses, and detailed interpretation, even of the body in motion. The invention imposes a Cartesian coordinate system on the image of the object. This makes reference to any structure within the object repeatable and precise. Finally, the invention teaches how the recording and storing of the received signals from a whole body analysis makes a subsequent search for structures and details within the object possible without reexamining the object.

Method and system for enhancing computer peripheral safety

A method and system for enhancing computer peripheral safety is provided. In accordance with various aspects of the present invention, the exemplary method and system are configured to monitor and/or isolate alternating current (A.C.) supplies with and/or from any peripheral subsystems or devices. An exemplary method and system comprises an A.C. supply, a host computer system, and a peripheral subsystem or device connected to the host computer system, such as an ultrasound imaging and/or therapy peripheral, and an isolation subsystem configured for monitoring and/or isolating the A.C. supply from the peripheral subsystem or device. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, an isolation subsystem comprises application software and associated modules and functions that when executed continuously monitors and/or polls the host computer's hardware and/or operating system for the presence of an isolated source, such as a battery, or an unisolated power source, such as through a battery charger and/or other connection path to the A.C. main supply. In accordance with other exemplary embodiments, an isolation subsystem can comprises a wireless or other safe/isolated electrical link for connecting a patient contact device, and/or a verification link or other verification mechanisms configured between an isolation transformer and host computer to monitor or observe usage to power the host computer and peripheral subsystem.
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