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Method and system for usage analyzer that determines user accessed sources, indexes data subsets, and associated metadata, processing implicit queries based on potential interest to users

The present invention relates to systems and methods providing content-access-based information retrieval. Information items from a plurality of disparate information sources that have been previously accessed or considered are automatically indexed in a data store, whereby a multifaceted user interface is provided to efficiently retrieve the items in a cognitively relevant manner. Various display output arrangements are possible for the retrieved information items including timeline visualizations and multidimensional grid visualizations. Input options include explicit, implicit, and standing queries for retrieving data along with explicit and implicit tagging of items for ease of recall and retrieval. In one aspect, an automated system is provided that facilitates concurrent searching across a plurality of information sources. A usage analyzer determines user accessed items and a content analyzer stores subsets of data corresponding to the items, wherein at least two of the items are associated with disparate information sources, respectively. An automated indexing component indexes the data subsets according to past data access patterns as determined by the usage analyzer. A search component responds to a search query, initiates a search across the indexed data, and outputs links to locations of a subset and/or provides sparse representations of the subset.

System and method for generating message notification objects on dynamically scaled timeline

A system and related techniques to collect and manage a set of incoming message notification objects, such as instant message notifications, email notifications, download notifications, transaction notifications and others and present those objects to the user an icon, tile or other representation on a dynamically scaled timeline. According to embodiments, the dynamically scaled timeline may present the most recently received object farthest to the right on a notifications bar or facility, and slide objects to the left to represent that passage of time as those objects age. Instead of presenting those objects on a linear scale, according to the invention the time intervals in which the objects may be presented may be scaled to cause the oldest message objects to be presented on a relatively compressed dimension. The most recently received messages in contrast may be presented on wider intervals, to permit the user to perceive the differences in arrival of those items more clearly. According to embodiments, when more than one message object slides to an overlapping point with another, those objects may be stacked into a cascading message stack. When two or more stacks touch, they may be merged into a single stack. According to embodiments of the invention in another regard, when the user hovers over a given message object a popup box may appear which displays attributes of that object, such as message or other notification type, the date and time which the object was received, the source of the underlying message or other data. In further embodiments, one or more of the message notification objects may be clickable or otherwise reactivatable to reveal actions, dialogs, inputs or other interactions which were presented at the time the message was originally received, such as a query box to input a password or a selection for an email address.
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