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An alarm device or system of alarm devices gives an audible, visual or other form of alarm signal about a problem or condition. Alarm devices are often outfitted with a siren.

Internet of things intelligent home system and method

The invention discloses an Internet of things intelligent home system and a method. The system comprises intelligent home equipment, an access and transmission network and an intelligent home service system, wherein the intelligent home equipment comprises sensing equipment, control equipment, an alarm device, a router and an intelligent home comprehensive gateway; the access and transmission network is a remote transmission broadband network for finishing interaction between the intelligent home service system and a background service system; and the intelligent home service system comprises a user terminal and the background service system. According to the method, the Internet of things intelligent home system is divided into an intelligent home basic service and a cell public service; the intelligent home basic service comprises abnormal situation alarming, environment monitoring and home energy metering; and the cell public service comprises public resource metering, comprehensive data acquisition and analysis, management and optimization and other services supplied by a third party. The Internet of things intelligent home system can alarm abnormal situations, monitor environments, meter home energy and comprehensively manage and control home information, so that the security of the system is guaranteed.

Intelligent instrumented air cleaner

An intelligent instrumented air cleaner comprises a multi-functional sensor, a central processor, a cloud server, a wireless communication module, a purification device, an alarm device, a motor driving mechanism and a humidifier. According to the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, updating and exchange of memory data are realized through the connection between the wireless communication module and a cloud server of the Internet of Things, the air cleaner is controlled through the connection between a mobile device and the cloud server so that a remote controller can be replaced, remote network control is also realized, the cloud server also has an analysis function and a processing result advice providing function and sends processed data to users for reference, the users can set the working state of the air cleaner by themselves and define working strategies by themselves, the air cleaner saves the strategies automatically and performs actions according to the strategies, and self-selection of self-learning setting optimization is conducted on the data in a memory through big data analysis and processing. By the adoption of the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, an intelligent instrumented household net and an intelligent instrumented office net are realized in the true sense, air is purified, safe and reliable living and working environments are provided, useless consumption of electric energy of a traditional air cleaner is avoided, energy consumption is reduced, using pleasure of a user is improved, the parameters of the environment where the user is located are provided for the user in time, and reliable parameters and solutions are provided for environment change handling.

Indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system

The invention discloses an indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system. The indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system comprises a video collecting module, an audio collecting module, a heat releasing infrared detection module, a vibration detection module, a glass breaking detection module, a door magnet detection module, a signal processing module, a wireless receiving module, an alarm sending module, an alarm linkage module, a voice output module, an infrared light-emitting diode (LED) light-compensating lamp module, and a power management module. The indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system conducts real-time dynamic detection analysis on emergent abnormal events that people fall down and lay on the floor for a long time, illegal break-in, theft, violent physical confrontation, fire accidents, coal gas leakage, explosion and the like in an indoor deployed and controlled area, sends intuitive alarm signals which take audios, videos or pictures as carriers in a wire communication mode or a wireless communication mode to alarm receiving and processing terminals such as a mobile phone or a computer of a householder and residential area monitoring computers in the first time, associates with the audible and visual alarm device to give an alarm, and receives voice output of receiving terminal devices to achieve voice talkback.

Household cleaning robot capable of establishing map by self and cleaning method

The invention discloses a household cleaning robot capable of establishing a map by self and a cleaning method. The household cleaning robot comprises a casing, a control center arranged in the casing, a power supply module, a storage unit, a camera, a lighting alarm device, an ultrasonic wave sensor, an infrared sensor, a photosensitive sensor, a wireless module and an RFID reader-writer, wherein the ultrasonic wave sensor, the infrared sensor and the photosensitive sensor are respectively connected with the control center, and the wireless module and the RFID reader-writer are connected with the control center. The household cleaning robot further comprises a plurality of RFID labels bonded under the periphery of a wall, wherein the RFID labels are used for recording position coordinate information and are active RFID labels. The cleaning robot can establish the indoor two-dimensional map to achieve the indoor location function and acquire the coordinate points in a room. Walking areas and non-walking areas are marked on the two-dimensional map, so that the cleaning robot can quickly determine a cleaning path and accurately reach a target to be cleaned. To hygienic dead angles which cannot be cleaned, the cleaning robot is manually operated and controlled to automatically store operation and control data. When the hygienic dead angles are cleaned again, the stored operation and control data can be called to clean the target.

Human body tumbling automatic detecting and alarming device and information processing method thereof

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The invention relates to a human body tumbling automatic detecting and alarming device and an information processing method thereof. The human body tumbling automatic detecting and alarming device comprises a moving device and a long-distance alarm processing terminal, wherein the moving device comprises a central information processor, the input end of the central information processor is electrically connected with a triaxial acceleration transducer by an A/D converter; three-dimensional acceleration information of upper trunks of a user are collected and are fused, and the impact of the human body and upper trunk inclination angle before and after the impact are integrated to judge whether the human body tumbles; when the impact which is used for judging a tumbling level is generated, the acceleration which is greater than or equal to a threshold value of 3.5g is used as a standard; and if the user tumbles or needs help, the tumbling information is transmitted to the long-distance alarm processing terminal. The human body tumbling automatic detecting and alarming device has the characteristics of high detection rate and low misjudge rate for human body tumbling detection, has effect on detecting multiple-impact type tumbling and rolling type tumbling and can be used for rescue operations after the bumble of old people, patients, danger operating personnel, and the like.
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