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Biometric access control system incorporating a touchscreen accessible and kiosk based id station operating in combination with multiple critical asset retaining racks and locers for permitting selective biometric input and processor driven/wireless release authorization, maintenance and inventory control of any plurality of critical assets and including an associated computer writeable medium operating with the id station for enabling asset release, reentry and associated inventory control

A biometric access control system for tracking critical assets and including an ID station incorporating a biometric input reader, an RFID antenna and reader and a wired or wireless (Bluetooth) communication device. A remotely positioned structure includes either or both of a rack or a locker for holding a plurality of the critical assets in individually locked fashion. A processor control built into the ID station operatively actuates each of a plurality of individual locking mechanisms incorporated into the rack structure or locker, in response to successive biometric and weapon selection inputs communicating with the processor, and for determining at least one of user identification and weapon release authorization prior to the processor actuating the locking mechanism to release the weapon. An associated computer writeable medium operates with the processor and establishes a series of subroutines for establishing user identification, weapons rating, selective weapon release/reentry and associated maintenance and record keeping log reports.

Lock assembly with self retained barrel lock

A security device comprises a first component having a through first passageway surrounded by an internal first recess, and a second component having a second passageway surrounded by an internal second recess. The first and second components are configured for assembly in a mating relationship with the first and second passageways in communication with each other and in coaxial alignment. A lock has a barrel containing a spring and plunger and carrying radially shiftable locking elements, with the plunger being normally biased by the spring in one direction urging the locking elements into expanded positions protruding radially from the barrel. The barrel is insertable into and releasably retained in an unlocked position in the first passageway with the locking elements expanded radially outwardly into the first recess, and is shiftable by a forwardly applied axial force into a locked position in the second passageway with the locking elements expanded into the second recess. The first recess has a forward surface configured to coact with the locking elements in response to the forwardly applied force to exert a reactionary force urging the locking elements radially inwardly and urging the plunger in the opposite direction to accommodate retraction of the locking elements from the first recess.
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