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Method and system for preventing and detecting identity theft

ActiveUS20070244807A1Preventing and detecting identity theftStop in trackFinanceCredit cardData provider
A system, method and computer program product for receiving information relating to a financial account of an individual from at least one first data provider; receiving information relating to at least one of an identity theft expense reimbursement insurance policy of the individual, a public information relating to the individual, an identity theft risk score of the individual, a credit card registry of the individual, a backup data relating to the individual, a background information of the individual, and a business report relating to the individual, from at least one second data provider; and preparing a report relating to the individual's identity theft based on the information.

Smart identification document

A smart electronic personal identification document, including a smart identification module and an automated anti-skimming element. The smart identification module includes a contactless chip module and an antenna. The smart identification module is operative to store and exchange personal identification information contactlessly with an external reader. The automated anti-skimming element is configured for preventing unauthorized theft of the information.
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