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Electrical appliance, in particular hand-held power tool

The invention relates to an electrical appliance, in particular a hand-held power tool, having an appliance housing, a circuitry substrate that is situated in the appliance housing and equipped with components, and sealing elements for preventing the influx of dirt into the region of the circuitry substrate. According to the invention, the sealing elements seal a subregion of the circuitry substrate off from other regions inside the appliance housing.

Orthopaedic Implants and Prostheses

Disclosed herein are modular spinal implants having components which are interlocked together to form a single implant. Specifically exemplified herein are implants that are sectioned along a longitudinal plane. Implants are disclosed which include channels for inter-fragmentary association with an elongate bone screw and which allow for angular variability of the screw relative to the channel. Also disclosed is an anti-backout mechanism that helps prevent fixators from backing out upon securement of the implant in the spine. Kits comprising different sizes and inclination angles of components are disclosed, which can assist the surgeon in preoperatively assembling an implant to best fit in the surgical site of the patient.

Holder for a substrate cassette and device provided with such a holder

A holder is disclosed for a cassette for substrates. The holder includes a base plate on which a guide member provided with at least two guides is secured. The cassette is to be positioned between the guides, which enable the cassette to be aligned with respect to the base plate, and the side of which facing the base plate tapers inwards and downwards. The application of such a holder in an apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices is still hampered as a result of incorrectly positioning the holder in the apparatus. This can lead to damage to the substrates and a lower yield of the manufacturing process. The side of the guide member tapers inwards and upwards. By virtue of this structure, the cassette can be positioned more accurately and reproducibly into the holder. In this way, damage to substrates is avoided and the yield is high. The guide member may be mirror symmetrical and can include two separate guide members, which are mirror symmetrical as well. As a result, the holder can be mounted, adjusted and manufactured in a simple and inexpensive manner.
Owner:NXP BV

Pluggable transceiver module having rotatable release and removal lever with living hinge

A pluggable transceiver module having a housing with a first side and a face perpendicular to the first side, and a tab extending beyond the surface of the first side, and the tab sized to mate with a slot in a receptacle of a host device for receiving the pluggable transceiver module housing, an elongated member slidably mounted to the first side of the housing and having an internal end and an external end, a wedge on the internal end of the elongated member, wherein sliding the elongated member inward causes the wedge to slide between the tab and the slot on the receptacle and remove the tab from within the slot, thereby releasing the pluggable transceiver module from the receptacle, and a lever rotatably mounted via an axle proximate the face of the pluggable transceiver module, said axle being connected to the external end of the elongated member such that rotating the lever away from the face of the pluggable transceiver cause the rotating axle to push the elongated member inward and drive the wedge between the tab and the slot in order to release the pluggable transceiver module from the receptacle.
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