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Robotic loader for surgical stapling cartridge

A means and method for inserting drivers into a surgical stapling cartridge, including a pallet that holds the cartridge firmly. The pallet has a central slot and laterally positioned lip members that are biased toward the slot. The cartridge is positioned in the slot and the lip members are released to extend their lips over the lateral flanges on the cartridge, thereby holding the cartridge in position. A finger extends into a recess formed at one end of the cartridge, thereby positively positioning the cartridge in the slot. The cartridge is released for removal by a tongue inserted between the lip members, thereby separating them by displacement.

Wafer holder, heater unit used for wafer prober and having wafer holder, and wafer prober

By wafer holder including a chuck top for mounting a wafer and a supporter supporting the chuck top and having flatness of at most 0.1 mm, a heater unit for a wafer prober and the wafer prober using the wafer holder, a wafer holder and a wafer prober apparatus hardly deformable even under high load and capable of effectively preventing contact failure, and capable of preventing temperature increase in a driving system when a semiconductor wafer having semiconductor chips with minute circuitry that requires high accuracy is heated can be provided. In the wafer holder of the present invention, the flatness of the supporter is preferably at most 0.05 mm, and more preferably at most 0.01 mm.

Electrostatic chuck assembly

Embodiments of the present invention provide a cost effective electrostatic chuck assembly capable of operating over a wide temperature range in an ultra-high vacuum environment while minimizing thermo-mechanical stresses within the electrostatic chuck assembly. In one embodiment, the electrostatic chuck assembly includes a dielectric body having chucking electrodes which comprise a metal matrix composite material with a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that is matched to the CTE of the dielectric body.

Elastic Tube Alignment System For Precisely Locating Components

ActiveUS20130019455A1Smoothly and easily performedFacilitate their initial entryDeformable pinsPinsEngineering
An elastic tube alignment system for the mating of components utilizing the principle of elastic averaging. A plurality of geometrically separated elastic tube (male) alignment features are disposed on a first component, while a plurality of one-to-one corresponding aperture (female) alignment features are provided on a second component. During the mating of the components, each elastic tube and its respective aperture provide elastic deformation, which, on average, precisely aligns the components.

Susceptor, coating apparatus and coating method using the susceptor

In accordance with the embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a susceptor which includes an annular first susceptor portion for supporting the peripheral portion of a silicon wafer and further includes a second susceptor portion provided in contact with the peripheral portion of the first susceptor portion and covering the opening of the first susceptor portion. The second susceptor portion is disposed so that, when the silicon wafer is supported on the first susceptor portion, a gap of a predetermined size is formed between the silicon wafer and the second susceptor portion, and so that another gap of a size substantially equal to the predetermined size and directly connected to the above gap is formed between the first susceptor portion and the second susceptor portion.

Reducing Crimping Damage to Polymer Scaffold

ActiveUS20120042501A1Reduce harmImprove batch yieldStentsLarge fixed membersCatheterPolymer scaffold
A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold is crimped to the catheter by a multi-step process for increasing scaffold-catheter yield following a crimping sequence. Damage reduction during a crimping sequence includes modifying blades of a crimper, adopting a multi-step crimping sequence, and inflating a supporting balloon to support the scaffold during crimping.

System for supporting and servicing a gas turbine engine

A power system includes a gas turbine engine, which may include a gear box. The gear box may include a pipe connection configured to receive a removable pipe. The power system may also include a moveable support configured to fasten to the pipe connection to at least partially support the gear box.
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