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System and method for tokenless biometric authorization of electronic communications

This invention is a method and system for tokenless biometric authorization of an electronic communication, using a biometric sample, a master electronic identicator, and a public communications network, wherein the method includes: an electronic communication formation step, wherein at least one communication comprising electronic data is formed; a user registration step, wherein a user electronically submits a registration biometric sample taken directly from the person of the user; a public network data transmittal step, wherein the registration biometric sample is electronically transmitted to a master electronic identicator via a public communications network, said master electronic identicator comprising a computer database which electronically stores all of the registration biometric samples from all of the registered users; a user registration biometric storage step, wherein the registration biometric sample is electronically stored within the master electronic identicator; a bid biometric transmittal step, wherein a bid biometric sample, taken directly from the person of the user, is electronically transmitted to at least one electronic identicator; a user identification step, wherein an electronic identicator compares the bid biometric sample to at least one registration biometric sample previously stored in an electronic identicator, for producing either a successful or failed identification of the user; an electronic communication authorization step, wherein upon a successful identification of the user by an electronic identicator, at least one electronic communication is authorized for execution; wherein an electronic communication is biometrically-authorized without the user having to present any personalized man-made memory tokens such as smartcards, or magnetic stripe cards.
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