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Method for dynamically adjusting an interactive application such as a videogame based on continuing assessments of user capability

A method of balancing a user's input to an interactive computer program with the program's output is obtained by continually measuring the difference between the user's input and the program's output and adjusting one or more parameters of the program's output so that the difference from the user's performance is progressively reduced. The adjustment may be obtained dynamically through negative feedback dampening of the measured difference (delta) between user input and program output, and/or by selection of predetermined apposite values for program output corresponding to the measurement of user input. The adjustment results in dynamic generation and/or selection of premodeled segments of interactive output in closer balance with user input. The adjustment method can be applied to video games, educational games, productivity programs, training programs, biofeedback programs, entertainment programs, and other interactive programs. In video games, the adjustment method results in balancing user performance with game difficulty for a more engaging game experience. It can also enable embedded advertising to be triggered when the user is in an optimum state of engagement. The adjustment method may be performed by projecting future trends of user performance, selecting predetermined or dynamically determined levels of value, modifying user control of input devices, or even modifying the program's challenges to user capability over time.

Large-scale distributed network safety data acquisition method and system

InactiveCN103731298AAvoid lossMeet the needs of comprehensive collectionData switching networksData streamOriginal data
The invention relates to a large-scale distributed network safety data acquisition method and system. The method comprises the steps of multimode data acquisition, data analysis and standardization and data distribution and transmission. The system comprises an acquisition agent module, a data acquisition module, a data analysis module and a data distribution and transmission module. With respect to data acquisition, multiple modes such as an active mode, a passive mode and a data stream mirror image mode are adopted, and comprehensive acquisition of various types of data is realized; with respect to data analysis, a data analysis and standardization mechanism based on strategies is adopted, original data are extracted, mapped, replaced, supplemented and the like by means of writing analysis strategies, and therefore quick analysis of a newly added data format and data standardization oriented to multiple application systems are realized; with respect to transmission, the multi-stage connection technology and the multi-path distribution technology are adopted, elastic combination, cascading deployment and multi-path distribution between acquisition systems are realized, and the requirements for vertical and horizontal expansion of a network environment and acquisition of mass data information are met.

Lightweight back-up and efficient restoration method of health block chain data encryption keys

The invention provides a lightweight back-up and efficient restoration method of health block chain data encryption keys.Body area networks achieve physiological parameters acquisition of healthy body health, health block chains are produced by a group of credible IT devices appointed by multiple health institutions and used for receiving and storing health data of the body area networks, the health block chain data encryption keys are produced by utilizing a fuzzy technology fuzzy vault and physiological signals acquired by the body area networks, human physiological data acquired in different time periods is encrypted by utilizing different data encryption keys and then is saved in the block chains of the IT devices without storage of historical data encryption keys; historical secret keys are restored by utilizing the health data acquired by the body area networks in real time.The lightweight back-up and efficient restoration method integrates the body area networks with the health block chains, avoids huge burden brought by secret key splitting related in a traditional secret key restoration method and safe storage and retrieval of shadow secret keys and greatly reduces management complexity of the health block chain data encryption keys.

Authentication techniques in a monitoring system

An Electronic House Arrest Monitoring (EHAM) system of the present invention includes a transmitter attached to a monitored offender and a receiver positioned in the vicinity of the desired monitoring location. The transmitter and the receiver each have a pattern stored or generated therein for determining the interval of time between signal transmissions and receptions. The pattern is pseudo-random to offer improved protection against imposter transmitters, in other words the time intervals are selected to be unequal and randomly varying but the pattern is repeated or cycled to allow continuing signal transmission by the transmitter. The transmitter transmits signals at varying time intervals according to this pattern, and the receiver authenticates signals it receives as coming from the monitored transmitter based on the expected time intervals from the pattern. The pattern may include any number of time intervals and, in one embodiment, includes more than one subpattern to extend the length of the repeat cycle to increase the difficulty of defeating the monitoring system. As further protection against imposter devices, the receiver may verify the signals based on information unique to the transmitter included in each signal. The receiver may further use the received signals and unique time interval patterns to determine a number of operating states, including New Transmitter ID Received, Transmitter In Range and Locked to Transmitter, Transmitter In Range and Not Locked, Transmitter Out of Range, and Imposter Likely. The monitoring system may also include a remote host computer linked to the receiver or receivers to enable these operating states to be monitored remotely by enforcement personnel.

Online voiceprint recognition system and implementation method thereof

InactiveCN102543084APrevent recording attack problemImprove accuracySpeech analysisTransmissionPasswordAuthentication server
The invention discloses an online voiceprint recognition system and an implementation method thereof. The online voiceprint recognition system comprises a user recording module and an online voiceprint recognition server, and the implementation method comprises the following steps of: (1) providing generated password content for a user through the online voiceprint recognition server; (2) recording the voice of the user by utilizing the user recording module and providing the voice for a voice recognition module; (3) performing mode matching analysis on voice content provided by the user and the password content through the voice recognition module; (4) judging whether an audio fingerprint of the voice provided by the user is of the legal voice or not through an audio fingerprint recognition module; and (5) inspecting the matching degree between the voice provided by the user and a voiceprint module established by the registered user through a voiceprint recognition module, and regarding login is the real user login and receiving the login of the user if the degree achieves a set value. According to the online voiceprint recognition system and the implementation method thereof, disclosed by the invention, simple, easy-to-use and high-efficient online identity authentication can be realized.

High-purity fishy smell and foreign odor-free fish collagen protein peptide and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a high-purity fishy smell and foreign odor-free fish collagen protein peptide and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: cleaning fish skins, and then cutting into blocks and mincing; performing stirring treatment with NaCl solution; centrifugally degreasing to remove paraprotein; adding water to regulate the pH value of initial slurry to be 8.0-8.5; performing combined gradient enzymolysis on alkali protease and neutral protease; deactivating enzyme after the enzymolysis is ended; performing adsorption bleaching by activated carbon; and then performing rough filtration, fine filtration, evaporation concentration and spray drying to prepare the high-purity fishy smell and foreign odor-free fish collagen protein peptide. The high-purity fishy smell and foreign odor-free fish collagen protein peptide disclosed by the invention has a simple process and is easy to industrial production; fishy smell, foreign odor and non-collagen proteins are fully removed in production; the low-temperature biological enzymolysis technology is adopted, and other substances are not added, thereby, the product quality is improved; an obtained fish collagen protein peptide powder has the characteristics the content of amino acid hydroxyproline is not less than 9 percent, and the average molecular weight is lower than 1000Dal; no fishy smell or foreign odor cannot generated, and obvious fishy smell or foreign odor also cannot be generated through heating treatment under the acid conditions. The high-purity fishy smell and foreign odor-free fish collagen protein peptide can be widely applied to processing of various foods and cosmetics as a green functional ingredient.
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