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Two-dimensional ultrasound phased array transducer

A two-dimensional ultrasound phased array transducer includes an acoustic backing, a first circuit, which may be a flexible circuit disposed over the acoustic backing or a ground plane, an acoustically absorptive interface layer disposed over the flexible circuit, and a piezoelectric layer disposed over the interface layer. A matching layer may be disposed over the piezoelectric layer, and a second circuit, which may be a ground plane or a flexible circuit, may be disposed over the matching layer. The piezoelectric layer and the matching layer are diced by forming kerfs extending through these layers and at least partially into the interface layer. Extending the kerfs into the interface layer reduces cross-talk between elements, electrically isolates the elements, and facilitates manufacturing by reducing the precision required in controlling the depth of the cut. The acoustically absorptive interface layer may have acoustic properties similar to the backing material and may be formed of the same material as the backing material. Electrical interconnection between the piezoelectric elements and the first circuit is provided through the interface layer. The electrical connection may be formed by laser drilled vias in the interface layer, coated with gold or another suitable material.
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