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Artificial neural network calculating device and method for sparse connection

ActiveCN105512723ASolve the problem of insufficient computing performance and high front-end decoding overheadAdd supportMemory architecture accessing/allocationDigital data processing detailsActivation functionMemory bandwidth
An artificial neural network calculating device for sparse connection comprises a mapping unit used for converting input data into the storage mode that input nerve cells and weight values correspond one by one, a storage unit used for storing data and instructions, and an operation unit used for executing corresponding operation on the data according to the instructions. The operation unit mainly executes three steps of operation, wherein in the first step, the input nerve cells and weight value data are multiplied; in the second step, addition tree operation is executed, the weighted output nerve cells processed in the first step are added level by level through an addition tree, or the output nerve cells are added with offset to obtain offset-added output nerve cells; in the third step, activation function operation is executed, and the final output nerve cells are obtained. By means of the device, the problems that the operation performance of a CPU and a GPU is insufficient, and the expenditure of front end coding is large are solved, support to a multi-layer artificial neural network operation algorithm is effectively improved, and the problem that memory bandwidth becomes a bottleneck of multi-layer artificial neural network operation and the performance of a training algorithm of the multi-layer artificial neural network operation is solved.

Visual recognition and positioning method for robot intelligent capture application

The invention relates to a visual recognition and positioning method for robot intelligent capture application. According to the method, an RGB-D scene image is collected, a supervised and trained deep convolutional neural network is utilized to recognize the category of a target contained in a color image and a corresponding position region, the pose state of the target is analyzed in combinationwith a deep image, pose information needed by a controller is obtained through coordinate transformation, and visual recognition and positioning are completed. Through the method, the double functions of recognition and positioning can be achieved just through a single visual sensor, the existing target detection process is simplified, and application cost is saved. Meanwhile, a deep convolutional neural network is adopted to obtain image features through learning, the method has high robustness on multiple kinds of environment interference such as target random placement, image viewing anglechanging and illumination background interference, and recognition and positioning accuracy under complicated working conditions is improved. Besides, through the positioning method, exact pose information can be further obtained on the basis of determining object spatial position distribution, and strategy planning of intelligent capture is promoted.

Calculation apparatus and method for accelerator chip accelerating deep neural network algorithm

The invention provides a calculation apparatus and method for an accelerator chip accelerating a deep neural network algorithm. The apparatus comprises a vector addition processor module, a vector function value calculator module and a vector multiplier-adder module, wherein the vector addition processor module performs vector addition or subtraction and/or vectorized operation of a pooling layer algorithm in the deep neural network algorithm; the vector function value calculator module performs vectorized operation of a nonlinear value in the deep neural network algorithm; the vector multiplier-adder module performs vector multiplication and addition operations; the three modules execute programmable instructions and interact to calculate a neuron value and a network output result of a neural network and a synaptic weight variation representing the effect intensity of input layer neurons to output layer neurons; and an intermediate value storage region is arranged in each of the three modules and a main memory is subjected to reading and writing operations. Therefore, the intermediate value reading and writing frequencies of the main memory can be reduced, the energy consumption of the accelerator chip can be reduced, and the problems of data missing and replacement in a data processing process can be avoided.

Human behavior recognition method integrating space-time dual-network flow and attention mechanism

The invention discloses a human behavior recognition method integrating the space-time dual-network flow and an attention mechanism. The method includes the steps of extracting moving optical flow features and generating an optical flow feature image; constructing independent time flow and spatial flow networks to generate two segments of high-level semantic feature sequences with a significant structural property; decoding the high-level semantic feature sequence of the time flow, outputting a time flow visual feature descriptor, outputting an attention saliency feature sequence, and meanwhile outputting a spatial flow visual feature descriptor and the label probability distribution of each frame of a video window; calculating an attention confidence scoring coefficient per frame time dimension, weighting the label probability distribution of each frame of the video window of the spatial flow, and selecting a key frame of the video window; and using a softmax classifier decision to recognize the human behavior action category of the video window. Compared with the prior art, the method of the invention can effectively focus on the key frame of the appearance image in the originalvideo, and at the same time, can select and obtain the spatial saliency region features of the key frame with high recognition accuracy.
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