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Conversational computing via conversational virtual machine

A conversational computing system that provides a universal coordinated multi-modal conversational user interface (CUI) (10) across a plurality of conversationally aware applications (11) (i.e., applications that “speak” conversational protocols) and conventional applications (12). The conversationally aware maps, applications (11) communicate with a conversational kernel (14) via conversational application APIs (13). The conversational kernel (14) controls the dialog across applications and devices (local and networked) on the basis of their registered conversational capabilities and requirements and provides a unified conversational user interface and conversational services and behaviors. The conversational computing system may be built on top of a conventional operating system and APIs (15) and conventional device hardware (16). The conversational kernel (14) handles all I/O processing and controls conversational engines (18). The conversational kernel (14) converts voice requests into queries and converts outputs and results into spoken messages using conversational engines (18) and conversational arguments (17). The conversational application API (13) conveys all the information for the conversational kernel (14) to transform queries into application calls and conversely convert output into speech, appropriately sorted before being provided to the user.
Owner:UNILOC 2017 LLC

Method and apparatus for data communication

A data acquisition and delivery system for performing data delivery tasks is disclosed. This system uses a computer running software to acquire source data from a selected data source, to process (e.g. filter, format convert) the data, if desired, and to deliver the resulting delivered data to a data target. The system is designed to access remote and/or local data sources and to deliver data to remote and/or local data targets. The data target might be an application program that delivers the data to a file or the data target may simply be a file, for example. To obtain the delivered data, the software performs processing of the source data as appropriate for the particular type of data being retrieved, for the particular data target and as specified by a user, for example. The system can communicate directly with a target application program, telling the target application to place the delivered data in a particular location in a particular file. The system provides an external interface to an external context. If the external context is a human, the external interface may be a graphical user interface, for example. If the external context is another software application, the external interface may be an OLE interface, for example. Using the external interface, the external context is able to vary a variety of parameters to define data delivery tasks as desired. The system uses a unique notation that includes a plurality of predefined parameters to define the data delivery tasks and to communicate them to the software.

Systems and Algorithm For Interfacing With A Virtualized Computing Service Over A Network Using A Lightweight Client

Systems and algorithm for controlling a virtualized computer service remotely through a client includes defining a virtual infrastructure in which a plurality of virtual machines are running on a hypervisor with at least one of the virtual machine executing an image processor algorithm. The image processor algorithm is configured to receive a connection request from the client for controlling the virtualized computer service (or simply, virtual service) available at a specific virtual machine. The request includes a plurality of connection parameters that describe the connection requirements of the client and is received at the virtual machine that is equipped with the image processor algorithm. The connection parameters are interrogated using the image processor algorithm to identify a specific virtual machine that provides the requested virtualized computer service. A framebuffer data for the identified virtual machine located in virtual memory is accessed and read directly through a hypervisor. The framebuffer data is processed into a plurality of image data packets using the image processor algorithm and transmitted to the client for presenting on a display device associated with the client. The image data packet grammar is tailored to the client and represents an image of the virtual machine display for the identified virtual machine.

System and method for distributed computation based upon the movement, execution, and interaction of processes in a network

A distributed computing environment in which agent processes direct their own movement through a computer network. Place processes provide a computing context within which agent processes are interpreted. An agent process controls its movement from one place process to another within the network by using a ticket. An agent process which moves from one place process to another transports definitions of classes of which objects included in the agent process are members. An agent process which moves from one place process to a second place process avoids unnecessary transportation of objects included in the agent process by substituting equivalent objects which are found in the second place process. An agent process sends clones of the agent process to several place processes simultaneously. If two clones travel along paths which are coextensive for an initial portion thereof, a single clone is transported along the initial portion of the paths and other clones are formed from the single clone, thereby avoiding transferring redundant information along communications media. Two agent processes, which occupy a single place process, interact by exchanging references to one another. The single place process ensures that neither agent process receives a reference to the other agent process without simultaneously giving to the other agent process a reference to the former agent process. Unauthorized or inadvertent excessive use of network resources by an agent process, or a place process, is prevented by associating with each process a permit which defines various capabilities and resource allowances of the process.

Secure machine platform that interfaces to operating systems and customized control programs

A combined-hardware-and-software secure-platform interface to which operating systems and customized control programs interface within a computer system. The combined-hardware-and-software secure-platform interface employs a hardware platform that provides at least four privilege levels, non-privileged instructions, non-privileged registers, privileged instructions, privileged registers, and firmware interfaces. The combined-hardware-and-software secure-platform interface conceals all privileged instructions, privileged registers, and firmware interfaces and privileged registers from direct access by operating systems and custom control programs, providing to the operating systems and custom control programs the non-privileged instructions and non-privileged registers provided by the hardware platform as well as a set of callable software services. The callable services provide a set of secure-platform management services for operational control of hardware resources that neither exposes privileged instructions, privileged registers, nor firmware interfaces of the hardware nor simulates privileged instructions and privileged registers. The callable services also provide a set of security-management services that employ internally generated secret data, each compartmentalized security-management service managing internal secret data without exposing the internal secret data to computational entities other than the security-management service itself.
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