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Multilayer gravel packing method and tool

The invention provides a multilayer gravel packing method and tool. The method comprises the following steps in sequence: A. a) sinking a disposable multilayer gravel packing tool; and b) inserting insertion positioning seals and automatic guide shoes into sump packers; B. c) setting top packers, examining seal of the top packers and releasing the top packers; and d) setting interlayer isolation packers on the lower layer and examining seal of the interlayer isolation packers; and C. e) packing a lower oil layer; and f) carrying out reverse circulation; repeating the substeps d), e) and f), namely setting the interlayer isolation packers on the upper layer and examining seal of the interlayer isolation packers, packing a middle oil layer and carrying out reverse circulation; and repeating the substeps e) and f), namely packing an upper oil layer and carrying out reverse circulation. The tool is characterized in that a service tool is installed in an outer tube column, wherein the outer tube column comprises the top packers and bush sealing bores, bushes, sealing bores, sliding sleeves, short sections, sieve tubes, the interlayer isolation packers, the insertion positioning seals, the sump packers and the automatic guide shoes which are connected below the top packers; and the service tool comprises setting tools and wash tubes, a central tube, a packing conversion tool, pressure measuring assemblies, rotary positioning tools, one-way sliding sleeve switch tools, two-way sliding sleeve switch tools and bottom isolation seals which are installed below the setting tools.

Manufacturing method for multilayered rigidity and flexibility combined printed circuit board

The invention discloses a method for manufacturing multilayer flex-rigid printed circuit boards, and aims to solve the technical problem of filling efficiency and product quality in the process of processing the multilayer flex-rigid printed circuit boards. The method comprises that: preprocesses of a rigid circuit board part and a flexible circuit board part are carried out respectively, laminated and formatted, and then thermally compressed and overlapped, and a filler piece is processed by a punching method for the rigidity wiring board part; and when a rigid circuit board is processed, a rigid single-side copper-clad material is adopted, and then the following steps are completed in order: drilling, punching, transfer of inner layer patterns, etching of an inner layer circuit, circuit inspection, surface multibond, and semi-solid preparation of a rigid outer layer film of a washer and pure copper foil. Compared with the prior technology, hardware mould is directly used to perform die cutting on the filler piece on the position of a filling area; therefore, the method reduces the generation of bug dust in the processing process, has good leak tightness of the filling position, and greatly improves the reliability of performance and product percent of pass.

Lattice type prefabricated prestressed underground continuous wall and its construction method

The invention discloses a latticed type precast prestressed underground diaphragm wall, comprising a precast wall body, wherein two rows of prestressing steel strands vertically pass through the inside of the precast wall body; the prestressing steel strands apply prestress after the concrete strength of a concrete wall body reaches over 80 percent, and the upper and lower end faces of the precast wall body are locked by prestressing anchorage device; two rows of the prestressing steel strands are connected at intervals through transverse structure reinforcing steel bars along the height direction; joint parts on two sides of the precast wall body are of a concave semicircular shape; a protective layer is concreted on the periphery of each prestressing steel strand; and a hollow through hole throughout the height direction of the wall body is arranged inside the precast wall body. The diaphragm wall is concreted and precast on the ground, which can well guarantee the shape, size and density of the wall body, ensures that the quality of the wall body cannot be affected by strata or slurry wall, and can thoroughly eradicate joint mud inclusion, wall body sand inclusion, reinforcing steel bar exposure, loosening, wall surface protuberance, water leakage, sand shifting and other quality qualitative common faults.
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Shipborne satellite communication antenna

The invention discloses a shipborne satellite communication antenna. The antenna comprises a radome portion, an orientation transmission portion, a pitching transmission portion and a polarization transmission portion. The radome portion and the orientation transmission portion are connected and fixed through a pedestal. The orientation transmission portion and the pitching transmission portion are connected through an orientation rotation platform. The pitching transmission portion and the polarization transmission portion are connected and fixed through an antenna surface supporting plate and a rectangular bend waveguide 2. The structure of the radome portion is designed reasonably, sealing performance is good, an internal system of the antenna can be effectively protected and the antenna is suitable for an offshore poor working condition. The structures of the orientation transmission portion, the pitching transmission portion and the polarization transmission portion of the shipborne satellite communication antenna are designed compactly, operation is stable and reliable, the three portions can be rotated independently and can be rotated simultaneously, real-time tracking and automatic satellite aiming functions can be well realized and a smooth space communication link between a boat and a satellite is guaranteed.

Full-automatic shale gas content testing analyzer

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The invention relates to a full-automatic shale gas content testing analyzer which comprises a desorbing device, a gas detection device, a data acquisition box and a host computer, wherein the desorbing device consists of a constant temperature water bath box and two desorbing tanks; the desorbing tanks are arranged in the constant temperature water bath box; shale samples can be rapidly put into the desorbing tanks; the gas detection device comprises a box body, a measuring cylinder, a gas collecting bottle and a pressure sensor; a liquid inside the bottle is pressed into the measuring cylinder by a shale gas collected into the gas collecting bottle; the data acquisition box comprises an acquisition box frame, a front panel, a rear panel and a hardware circuit; the hardware circuit is provided with a power supply module, a signal receiving module and a signal processing module; the data acquisition box is used for acquiring a signal detected by the detection device, and used for performing analog-to-digital to transmit to the host computer; the host computer is used for displaying, storing and analyzing the signal. The analyzer provided by the invention is scientific in design and convenient to rapidly disassemble, package and carry over. By adopting the analyzer, full-automatic measurement in the whole gas desorbing process can be achieved, and the measurement precision is high.

Self-centering chuck

The invention discloses a self-centering chuck, and belongs to the field of machining clamps. According to the technical scheme, three grooves which are arranged at equal angles around the central axis are formed in the end surface of a chuck main body, and a guide rail lead screw is rotationally connected in each groove; each guide rail lead screw extends to the outer circle end of the chuck mainbody to be fixedly provided with a bevel gear, and the three bevel gears are meshed with annular bevel gears which are rotationally connected to the outer circle end of the chuck main body, so that when one guide rail lead screw rotates, the other two driven bevel gears are driven to rotate through the annular bevel gears, and then the corresponding guide rail lead screw is driven to rotate; dueto the fact that outer threads of the guide rail lead screws are meshed with threaded holes on the sleeved clamping jaws, so that the lead screws rotate to drive the clamping jaws to linearly move towards the center axis of the chuck main body, and thus the clamping effect is achieved; due to the fact that the lead screw mechanism is small in abrasion degree, the sealing performance is good, the clamping jaws move back and forth and are not prone to blockage, and compared with a traditional self-centering chuck, the transmission efficiency is higher, and positioning is more accurate.

Drinking water bucket cover and drinking water bucket provided with drinking water bucket cover

The invention discloses a drinking water bucket cover and a drinking water bucket provided with the drinking water bucket cover. The drinking water bucket cover comprises a cover body and an automatic sealing component, wherein one end of the cover body is used for closing the drinking water bucket, and the other end of the cover body is provided with an opening which is communicated with the interior of the drinking water bucket; the automatic sealing component comprises a first valve and a second valve; the first valve is provided with a blind hole and is provided with a first magnet; the second valve is provided with a through hole and is provided with a second magnet with magnetism opposite to first magnetism; the second valve is arranged at the opening and the through hole is communicated with the opening; the first valve is closely attached to the second valve to further seal the through hole through attraction of the two magnets. When the drinking water bucket is arranged on a drinking fountain in an inverted manner, a smart column on the drinking fountain is accommodated in the blind hole through the opening and the through hole, and the first valve is pushed away from the second valve, so that water in the drinking water bucket can flow through the smart column to enter the drinking fountain; the automatic sealing component realizes automatic sealing of the opening. The invention also discloses the drinking water bucket provided with the drinking water bucket cover.

Plugging material and plugging slurry for protecting reservoir stratum with low fracturing fracture ability

The invention discloses a plugging material and plugging slurry for protecting a reservoir stratum with the low fracturing fracture ability. The plugging material is prepared from, by weight, 5-6 parts of walnut shell powder, 2-3 parts of a composite plugging agent, 1.5-2 parts of an agent for plugging while drilling, 4-5 parts of an acid soluble plugging agent, 4-5 parts of a high-dehydration-rate plugging agent and 0.2-0.3 part of calcium oxide. The natural plant inertia material, the fiber plugging agent and the acid soluble plugging agent are mixed according to the certain matching ratio to form the acid soluble plugging material in granule and fiber shapes. The material has the advantages that the bridging effect of a bridging material is good and the plugging success rate is high, and also has the advantages that the density is low, stratum pressure is effectively balanced, the stratum damage is small, the plugging property is strong and acid solubility is achieved. The plugging slurry prepared from the plugging material and water has the advantages of being low in density, high in pressure bearing capability, good in malignant leakage plugging effect, high in acid solubility and the like; the on-site preparation process is simple, construction is safe and reliable, and the purposes of reducing well leakage loss and protecting the reservoir stratum can be achieved.

Perfume pump with external spring

The invention relates to a perfume pump with an external spring. The perfume pump with the external spring is designed to solve the technical problem that existing like products are not good enough in structural design. A valve needle, a piston, the special-shaped spring and a valve rod of the perfume pump form a valve needle assembly. The valve needle assembly, a pump body, a glass ball and an inner plug form a pump body assembly. An aluminum oxide press cap, a spraying piece and a head cap form a pump head assembly. The perfume pump with the external spring is characterized in that the special-shaped spring is arranged on the external diameter of the valve rod between the piston in the pump body and the inner plug, and the two ends of the special-shaped spring are fixedly connected with a ring groove of the piston and a pump opening of the pump body respectively. The special-shaped spring is in a Y shape. The piston is limited on a needle head at one end of the valve needle, and a needle rod at the other end of the valve needle is sleeved with a center hole of the valve rod. A ring groove at the needle rod end of the valve needle is buckled with a ring buckle on the internal diameter of the valve rod, and a water outlet groove is formed in the external diameter of the valve needle and is from the ring groove of the valve needle to the needle head. An inner ring of the piston is in sliding fit sealing with the external diameter of the valve rod, and a channel between the water outlet groove of the valve needle and the piston is opened when the valve rod, the piston and the valve needle move to the side of the glass ball.

Vehicle-carried volume-expandable sealable and separable movable house

The invention relates to a vehicle-carried volume-expandable sealable and separable movable house, which comprises a bottom plate, a top plate, a front plate, a rear plate, and supporting posts and side plates distributed on two sides, wherein expandable leg supports are mounted on the bottom part of the bottom plate and in gaps between the wheels; the side plates are connected with the bottom plate by connecting rod mechanisms and can be expanded horizontally; first sealing air bags are arranged around the side plates; transverse supports and vertical supports, which can be folded are mounted on the side plates; after the side plates are expanded, the transverse supports and the vertical supports can be expanded to form external frameworks of expanded house; the external frameworks are covered by inflatable sealing cloth; the external framework and the sealing cloth are connected by clamping grooves; and the whole space is divided by partition boards into a plurality of rooms, and second sealing air bags are mounted around the partition boards. The volume-expandable sealable and separable movable house disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of high thermal-insulation, heat-insulation, sealing and sound-insulation performance and convenient cell separation.

Automatically-controlled high-stability pressure-maintaining core-removing device

The invention relates to an automatically controlled high-stability pressure-maintaining coring device, which comprises a pressure-maintaining outer cylinder, a pressure-maintaining inner cylinder, a flip cover, a slider and a spring; The inner wall of the top protrudes outwards to form a convex part of the outer cylinder, and the middle and lower part of the convex part of the outer cylinder is provided with a trapezoidal valve port along the circumferential direction; a sealing ring is embedded inside the trapezoidal valve port; The protrusion of the inner cylinder is formed by protruding outward; the pressure-holding inner cylinder is located between the outer wall of the lower side of the protrusion of the inner cylinder and the installation groove to form a cover chamber; the middle and upper outer walls of the pressure-holding inner cylinder and the pressure-holding outer cylinder A spring accommodating cavity is formed between the inner wall of the middle section and the upper section; the convex part of the inner cylinder is equidistantly provided with key grooves along the circumference; the flip cover is matched and accommodated in the flip cover accommodating cavity; in the spring chamber. The invention has simple and reasonable structural design, good sealing performance, convenient and reliable operation and use.

Coffee maker and brewing unit thereof

The invention provides a brewing unit of a coffee maker. The brewing unit comprises a first side wall and a second side wall opposite to the first side wall. A coffee pocket and a brewing head are arranged in space enclosed by the first side wall and the second side wall, the coffee pocket is used for accommodating coffee capsules or coffee cakes, the brewing head is used for squeezing the coffee capsules or coffee cakes, driving devices which are used for driving the brewing head to linearly move and simultaneously driving the coffee pocket to rotate are arranged on the first side wall and/or the second side wall, each driving device comprises a first gear, a second gear, a first driving arm, a second driving arm, a slide guide groove, a shifting shaft and a coffee pocket shifting rod, each first gear is meshed with the corresponding second gear, each first driving arm is connected with the brewing head and the corresponding first gear, each second driving arm is connected with the brewing head and the corresponding second gear, each slide guide groove is used for limiting the brewing head when the brewing head moves linearly, each shift shaft is arranged on the corresponding first gear or the corresponding second gear, and each coffee pocket shifting rod is coaxially connected with the coffee pocket and can accommodate the corresponding shifting shaft. The brewing unit has the advantages that the coffee capsules or coffee cakes can be placed in the coffee pocket conveniently, the brewing unit is simple in operation, and dead points cannot be formed easily.

Vertical coordinated vibration isolation or reduction device and application method thereof

The invention provides a vertical coordinated vibration isolation or reduction device and an application method thereof. The device comprises an upper support and a lower steel plate which are horizontally arranged, a spiral spring which is vertically clamped between the upper support and the lower steel plate and a combined viscous-elastic cylinder damper which is coaxially installed in the spiral spring; the upper support comprises a circumferential side wing plate and a support top board and a support base board which are respectively fixed at an upper end and a lower end of the side wing plate; the combined viscous-elastic cylinder damper comprises an inner sleeve and an outer sleeve which are coaxially arranged and a viscous-elastic damping layer which is between the inner sleeve andthe outer sleeve by high temperature vulcanization; the combined viscous-elastic cylinder damper passes through and is fixed on the support base plate through a bolt at the top of the inner sleeve; abottom of the outer sleeve is fixed on the lower steel plate. Based on the spring vibration isolation system, the invention adopts a viscous-elastic damping material to increase the energy consumptionability of the device system with large damping ratio, stable performance, good sealing property and suitable for engineering application, and designs a complete spring damping cooperative working system suitable for vertical load-bearing structure to withstand vertical excitation, which plays an excellent role in vibration isolation and vibration reduction.
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