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Method for preparing porous titanium dioxide nanotube array

The invention relates to a method for preparing an ordered porous anodic titanium dioxide nanotube array. The method can prepare an ultra-large area defect-free titanium dioxide nanotube array film, the surface layer is the porous shape like an anodic aluminum oxide template, and the lower layer is a nanotube ordered array, thereby overcoming the common problems of easy lodging and aggregation of tubes in the prior art of preparing the anodic titanium dioxide nanotube array and simultaneously solving the problems that the prepared nanotube array film has more surface defect corrosion pits and the sediment blocks tube mouths. The nanotube array can realize the controllable growth by controlling the preparation conditions and the process and obtain the ordered array films with different tube diameters, different wall thicknesses and different tube lengths. The diameter range of the nanotubes is 20-200nm, the wall thickness range is 5-30nm, and the length range of the titanium dioxide tubes is 100nm-1mm. The invention particularly relates to a technology which can effectively and completely strip the titanium dioxide array film, effectively strip a titanium substrate from the TiO2 nanotube array and obtain the different sizes of porous nanotube array self-support films.
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