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Three-Dimensional Semiconductor Device and Manufacturing Method Therefor

A three-dimensional semiconductor device, comprising a plurality of memory cell transistors and a plurality of select transistors at least partially overlapped in the vertical direction, wherein each select transistor comprises a first drain, an active region and a common source formed in the substrate, distributed along the vertical direction, as well as a metal gate distributed around the active region; wherein each memory cell transistor comprises a channel layer distributed perpendicularly to the substrate surface, a plurality of inter-layer insulating layers and a plurality of gate stack structures alternately stacked along the sidewalls of said channel layer, a second drain located on top of said channel layer; wherein said channel layer and said the first drain are electrically connected. In accordance with the three-dimensional semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method of the present invention, the multi-gate MOSFET is formed beneath the stack structure of the memory cell string including vertical channel to serve as the select transistor, this can improve the control characteristics of the gate threshold voltage, reduce the off-state leakage current, prevent the substrate from over-etching, and effectively improve the reliability of the device.
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