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Solid Electrolytic Capacitor for Use in High Voltage and High Temperature Applications

A capacitor assembly for use in high voltage and high temperature environments is provided. More particularly, the capacitor assembly includes a solid electrolytic capacitor element containing an anode body, a dielectric overlying the anode, and a solid electrolyte overlying the dielectric. To help facilitate the use of the capacitor assembly in high voltage applications, it is generally desired that the solid electrolyte is formed from a dispersion of preformed conductive polymer particles. In this manner, the electrolyte may remain generally free of high energy radicals (e.g., Fe2+ or Fe3+ ions) that can lead to dielectric degradation, particularly at relatively high voltages (e.g., above about 60 volts). Furthermore, to help protect the stability of the solid electrolyte at high temperatures, the capacitor element is enclosed and hermetically sealed within a housing in the presence of a gaseous atmosphere that contains an inert gas. It is believed that the housing and inert gas atmosphere are capable of limiting the amount of oxygen and moisture supplied to the conductive polymer of the capacitor. In this manner, the solid electrolyte is less likely to undergo a reaction in high temperature environments, thus increasing the thermal stability of the capacitor assembly. In addition to functioning well in both high voltage and high temperature environments, the capacitor assembly of the present invention may also exhibit a high volumetric efficiency.
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