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Microparticle arrangement film, electrical connection film, electrical connection structure, and microparticle arrangement method

The present invention provides a method for disposing specific fine particles at arbitrary positions of a film with efficiency and ease, in just proportion and under a stable condition, and a fine particle-disposed film, that is to say, a method for disposing fine particles that basically disposes one particle in one hole, and fine particle-disposed film, as well as a conductively connecting film and a conductively connected structure, when opposite fine electrodes are connected, enabling to carry out easily an electric connection of high connecting reliability in a short time without causing leakage from neighbor electrodes by employing a film in which conductive fine particles are disposed at arbitrary positions thereof. The invention is a fine particle-disposed film, in which fine particles are disposed, the fine particles each having: an average particle diameter of 5 to 800 mum; an aspect ratio of less than 1.5; and CV value of 10% or less, wherein the film has holes at arbitrary positions in a surface thereof, the holes each having: an average hole diameter which is ½ to 2 times of the average particle diameter of the fine particle; the aspect ratio of less than 2; and the CV value of 20% or less, and the fine particles are disposed on the surface of the holes or inside the holes.
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