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Graphical flexible transparent conductive film and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a graphical flexibility transparent conductive film and a preparation method of the graphical flexible transparent conductive film, comprising a flexible transparent substrate, transparent embossing glue and a conductive material embedded in the transparent embossing glue from bottom to top; a graphical and communicated groove network is formed on the surface of the transparent embossing glue, the sum of the areas outside the groove network accounts for more than 80 percent of total superficial area of the film, and the depth of the groove is less than the thickness ofthe transparent embossing glue; the conductive material is respectively conductive ink and a conductive film before and after sintering, the conductive ink is uniformly filled at the bottom of the groove network and is communicated, and the thickness of the conductive film is less than the depth of the groove, and the film is provided with a conductive network covered by the conductive film and alight-transmitting area outside the groove network. Besides, in the invention, a design scheme of the conductive network is provided, and the preparation is realized based on the technologies such asembossing, conductive ink scraping and the like; the graphical flexibility transparent conductive film and the preparation method of the graphical flexible transparent conductive film have the beneficial effects that the scratching-prevention scraping-resisting characteristics of the film are greatly improved and the electric conductivity of the transparent conductive film is improved to the maximum extent.

Mold for Wiring Substrate Formation and Process for Producing the Same, Wiring Substrate and Process for Producing the Same, Process for Producing Multilayered Laminated Wiring Substrate and Method for Viahole Formation

A process for producing a wiring board is provided, comprising allowing a wiring board-forming mold, which comprises a support base and a mold pattern that is formed in a protruded shape on one surface of the support base wherein the sectional width of the mold pattern on the support base side is larger than the sectional width thereof on the tip side in the same section of the mold pattern, to penetrate into a curing resin layer to transfer the mold pattern, curing the curing resin layer, releasing the laminate from the mold, depositing a conductive metal, and polishing the deposited metal layer that to form a depressed wiring pattern, and a wiring board produced by this process. Further, described is a process for producing a wiring board, comprising bringing a precision mold having a mold pattern on a surface of a mold base into contact with a surface of a metal thin film formed on an organic insulating base, pressing the mold to form a depression having a shape corresponding to the mold pattern of the precision mold in the organic insulating base, thereafter forming a metal plating layer having a thickness larger than the depth of the depression to fill the plating metal in the depression, and then polishing the metal plating layer until the organic insulating base is exposed, to form a wiring pattern, and a wiring pattern produced by this process.
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