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Methods for improving the performance of fabric wrinkle control compositions

The present invention provides methods for improving the performance of a consumer wrinkle control composition by making the composition available to the consumer and providing information to the consumer concerning the use of the composition to control wrinkles in fabrics without the application of heat. Information may be provided by teaching educational elements and disseminating educational elements to consumers in an efficient, effective, and affordable manner as well as techniques for heightening consumer awareness of the product. The information that is provided to the consumer may concerns the use of the composition to remove or control wrinkles in fabrics without the application of heat, instructions for the proper use of the product, the product's effectiveness, the appearance of the fabric in the finished state after treatment, how the product can be incorporated into the consumer's everyday habits and lifestyles, additional non-wrinkle related benefits that may be achieved with the product and how the composition can be effectively and safely used by most members of the consumer's household. Also provided are methods for prolonging or extending the useful life of fabric items that require frequent and repeated laundering processes and that are prone to cause incremental damage to fabric fibers. The useful life of such fabric items is prolonged by enabling the item to be revitalized or renewed for rewear without laundering, thus reducing the number of launderings and the resulting damage to fabric fibers over a given period of time.

Method for carbon fiber surface modification of plasma coated with nano colloidal sols by plasma treatment

The invention relates to a method for modifying the surface of carbon fiber coated with nano sol through plasma treatment, which comprises the following steps: firstly, nano particles are prepared into an organic solvent, a sol solution of water or a sol solution prepared by hybridization reaction of a precursor solution of organic-inorganic nano particles by the ultrasonic vibrating technology; secondly, the sol solution is coated on the surface of the carbon fiber, treated by means of spray coating and padding, and dried; and thirdly, the dried carbon fiber is placed on a special transport unit for plasma processing equipment and a plasma is sprayed on the surface of the carbon fiber to make the carbon fiber move in the plasma atmosphere, so as to generate surface modification, wherein the treating power is between 10 and , watts, and the treatment time is between 0.5 and 300 seconds. The method can effectively improve the performance of the fiber, improves the molded manufacturability and the overall properties of composite materials of the fiber, has simple technology, quick processing speed, good treatment effect and low cost, is convenient to operate and difficult to cause environmental pollution, can reduce energy consumption, and is suitable for industrial production.

Super-hydrophobic washable conductive fabric and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a super-hydrophobic washable conductive fabric and a preparation method thereof. The conductive fabric comprises a substrate fabric and a conductive polymer layer coated on the surface of the substrate fabric; the conductive polymer layer is polyaniline, polypyrrole, poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene), polythiophene or their derivative polymer; and the substrate fabric is a blend fabric with the surface having cracks and the cross section having a cross shape, wherein the blend fabric is obtained by blending a heterotypic polyester synthetic fiber and a cotton fiber. The preparation method comprises the following steps: processing the substrate fabric with plasma, compositing the conductive polymer with the substrate fabric through utilizing an in situ polymerization method, and adjusting the molar ratio of a fluorine-containing doping agent and a polyaniline monomer and other reaction conditions to obtain conductive fabrics with different conductivities. The prepared conductive fabric which has the characteristics of high conductivity, rapid pH responsiveness, reversible super-hydrophobic performance, excellent washability and the like can be widely applied to development of wettability switching of acidity control, automatically cleaning fabrics, acidity detection and the like, so there are enormous business opportunities.
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