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Total polyester superfine denier fabric and its processing method

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The invention relates to superfine full-polyester denier fabrics and a processing method thereof, which belong to the technical field of polyester fiber products. The superfine full-polyester denier fabrics comprise surface threads and bottom threads, wherein the surface threads use 150D/288F or 100D/144F DTY polyester threads as raw materials, and the bottom threads use 100D/36F DTY polyester threads as raw materials; and the content of the surface threads occupies 60 to 70 percent of the total compositions, and the content of the bottom threads occupies 40 to 30 percent of the total compositions. The invention has the advantages that the raw materials of the surface threads and the bottom threads are reasonablely selected; full polyester obtained is superfine, light and fluffy, and has soft hand feeling, plump fluffy feeling, good warmth retention property and uniform particle size; small fiber clearance is guaranteed, and the superfine full-polyester denier fabrics have the function of isolating inner air and outer air and preventing heat energy loss as dresses; the processing method forms texture surfaces without texturing, prevents the phenomenon of wool falling when people wear and repeatedly wash the texture due to the fact that fibers are broken by ruleless mechanical external force to form a hairy surface, and prevents the phenomena of pilling and grinning; and the technological steps are simple.

Novel dyeing and finishing processing technology of micro polyester fabric

The invention relates to a novel dyeing and finishing processing technology of a micro polyester fabric. The novel dyeing and finishing process disclosed by the invention is characterized by comprising the following steps of: (1) pretreatment, namely carrying out cold rolling and stacking processing comprising three stages, namely cold stacking, hot alkali treatment and high efficiency washing, on polyester gray fabric; (2) presetting, namely carrying out high temperature tentering and presetting on a pretreated fabric white body by utilizing a setting machine; (3) dyeing, namely dyeing the preset fabric white body by adopting superfine fiber leveling agent; and (4) cleaning, namely carrying out cleaning post-processing on the dyed fabric to remove disperse dyes which are not set after fibres are dyed. According to the novel dyeing and finishing processing technology disclosed by the invention, an environment-friendly and low-energy-consumption cold rolling and stacking pretreatment technology is used for carrying out pretreatment on the micro polyester fabric, on one hand, desizing effect is good and good dyeing and finishing processing conditions are provided for dyeing, and on the other hand, crease mark of the fabric can be effectively reduced; meanwhile, a formula of a dyeing process additive can be adjusted, albafluid U is added to reduce fabric dyeing scratch, and dyeing defects can be prevented from being caused.
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