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Storage mildew-proof and moth-proof packaging hemp cloth and preparation method thereof

The invention provides storage mildew-proof and moth-proof packaging hemp cloth and a preparation method thereof. The hemp cloth comprises green harmless storage protective agent and is prepared by taking common packaging hemp cloth as a material and adding 0.01-10wt% of storage protective agent. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: dissolving the storage protective agent in a solvent to prepare a solution, then impregnating the hemp cloth in the protective agent solution, removing the solution after the hemp cloth sufficiently absorbs the solution, and drying; or dissolving the storage protective agent in the solvent, then uniformly spraying the protective agent solution on the hemp cloth and drying the hemp cloth after the hemp cloth sufficiently absorbs the protective agent solution to prepare the storage mildew-proof and moth-proof packaging hemp cloth. The storage hemp cloth is used for packaging tobaccos or crops, can realize the whole process dynamic and real-time protection of the tobaccos, the crops and the like in purchase, transport and storage processes, protect products from mildew and moths, effectively prevent the mildew and the moths from spreading between bags and prevent the tobaccos, the crops and the like which are soaked by rain water from mildewing. Besides, the invention has an important function for reducing environment pollution and hidden safety danger which are caused by common technologies.

Multicomponent fiber blended fabric and preparation thereof

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A multi-component fiber blended facing material is disclosed, whose weight proportion of spinning raw material is (the chaine is same with the weft yarn) 11-20% of tencel, 8-12% of ramee, 8-12% of bamboo fibre, 60-65% of terylene short fiber and 0.5-0.7% of conductive fibre. The invention implementing reasonable collocation and assembly of tencel, terylene, bamboo fibre, ramee and conductive fibre, which not only useds the large brute force and sticking dynam characteristic of terylene, but also full utilizes the superior characteristic and favorable wear behavior of tencel, bamboo fibre and ramee, thereby implementing ascendency complementary and inferior position elimination of various fibres, and meanwhile the conductive fibre has better and longer electrostatic resistance effect in the fibre blended yarns. The facing material has superior characteristics of moisture absorption, ventilating, electrostatic resistance, sticking, sliding, embonpoint hand feeling, good drapability, flokkit and pilling resistance, good model keeping performance, antimicrobial, etc. The invention has reasonable technique, resolve difficult problem of spinning and dyeing, and establish hardness foundation for the amenity and high-grade of the chemical fabrics facing material.
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