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Dimerized alcohol compositions and biodegradible surfactants made therefrom having cold water detergency

There is provided an alcohol composition obtained by dimerizing an olefin feed comprising C6-C10 linear olefins to obtain C12-C20 olefins, followed by conversion to alcohols, such as by hydroformylation. The composition has an average number of branches ranging from 0.9 to 2.0 per molecule. The linear olefin feed preferably comprises at least 85% of C6-C8-olefins. The primary alcohol compositions are then converted to anionic or nonionic surfactants, preferably sulfated or oxyalkylated or both. The sulfated compositions are biodegradable and possess good cold water detergency. The process for making the dimerized primary alcohol comprises dimerizing, in the presence of a homogeneous dimerization catalyst under dimerization conditions, an olefin feed comprising C6-C10 olefins and preferably at least 85 weight % of linear olefins based on the weight of the olefin feed, to obtain a C12-C20; optionally double bond isomerizing said C12-C20 olefins; and converting the C12-C20 olefins to alcohols, preferably through hydroformylation. The process is preferably a one-step dimerization. The homogenous catalyst comprises a mixture of a nickel carboxylate or a nickel chelate, with an alkyl aluminum halide or an alkyl aluminum alkoxide.

Compositions and method for targeted controlled delivery of active ingredients and sensory markers onto hair, skin, and fabric

The present invention is a controlled delivery system that can be incorporated in hair, skin, and fabric care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, lotions, creams, liquid laundry detergents, fabric softener, and other hair, skin, and fabric care products to effectively deliver a broad range of active agents and sensory markers onto the hair, skin, and fabric. The system also prolongs the release rate of the active agents or sensory markers over an extended period of time, or provides heat triggered release of the active agents and yields a high impact fragrance “burst” upon blow drying the hair, ironing the fabric, or other types of heat treatment. The controlled delivery system of the present invention is a nano-sphere, having an average sphere diameter of from about 0.01 microns to about 10 microns. The nano-sphere comprises hydrophobic materials, cationic conditioning agent or, cationic conditioning agent in conjunction with a cationic charge booster to assist in adhering the spheres onto hair, skin, and fabric. The invention further relates to a controlled delivery system where the release rate of the active ingredients is synchronized with that of a sensory marker to convey to the consumer the product performance.
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